Polar Bear Ice Cap Marshmallow Drinks In Taiwan Have Us Losing Our Chill This Christmas

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Polar Cafe Has Adorable Ice Bear Marshmallow-Topped Coffee & Iced Sodas In Taiwan

A lazy polar bear with a ginormous belly lounges on top of an ice cap topping your steaming hot cup of cocoa.

Cue the squeals as We Bare Bear fans collectively lose their chill.


Taipei’s Polar Cafe has somehow found a way to delight guests from all around the globe with their signature marshmallow toppings in the shape of their polar bear mascot.


Here’s how to visit them in Taiwan, to score perfect beverages to get in a frosty mood this Christmas.


Polar bear ice cap marshmallow sodas & coffees

Polar Cafe has been serving up bear marshmallows on their drinks since 2016, but they’ve just released a “2.0 version” of their adorable mascot.


Behold, a majestic polar bear sunbathing on a floating chunk of ‘ice’ on the contained swimming pool that is your cup.


Each marshmallow is lovingly crafted by hand before it finds its way onto your drink.


Here’s a close-up picture of them laying contentedly on the counter-top, freshly made and ready to greet guests.

Red-nosed bear with a candy cane marshmallow

We’ve also uncovered seasonal versions of the marshmallow on their Instagram feed. If you’re not headed there soon, you can look forward to the polar bear’s other transformations all year round.


This polar bear peeking from the side of the cup offers you a mini-cookie, balanced precariously on its tiny paw.


Christmas in 2017 brought a red-nosed polar bear holding a hanging candy cane on the side of the cup.


There was even a Mid-Autumn Festival marshmallow, holding a smol baked Taiwanese mooncake.

Drinks are a tad pricey, so here’s the full menu

You’ll be allowed to add a handmade polar bear marshmallow to any drink on the menu for S$3.57 (NT$80), which is on the pricey side.


The cheapest drinks on the menu like Espresso, Black Tea with Milk & soft drinks go for about S$5.30 (NT$120).


Feel free to view their full menu on their website here, before deciding to head down.


We’d recommend setting aside ample time to chill at the cafe, to get your money’s worth & snap a few more pictures in comfort.


Hopping on the Polar Express there

The cafe is decked out in all manner of Polar Bear merch, and looks like a wonderful place to spend a laidback afternoon with your loved ones.


Here’s how to get there from the city centre, near Taipei 101 — just 11 minutes away by taxi.

Polar Cafe

Address: No. 2-2, Lane 69, Section 5, Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105
Opening Hours: 12pm–8pm daily, closed on Tuesdays
Nearest Train: Nanjing San Min Station (18-min walk), Taipei Arena Station (18-min walk)
Contact Number: +886 02-2370-2223
Website: Polar Cafe FacebookInstagram, Website

We’re sure many of us will be adding this to our cafe-hunting list for future Taiwan trips.

Ice Bear approves.

Let us know which polar bear you think is the cutest in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Polar Cafe on Instagram.

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