Rapper Really Gives Strangers Hari Raya Money Via PayNow After Asking On Twitter If They Need Some

Receiving Hari Raya money or duit Raya comes with conditions — you have to be a young child, a school-going youth, an elderly, or have fallen on hard times.

But local rapper Yung Raja didn’t set any of those requirements when he offered to give Hari Raya money on Wednesday (27 May).


A simple call to retweet and share PayNow details were all it took, and he truly delivered.

Local rapper gives fans Hari Raya money via PayNow

When people start their tweets with the phrase “retweet for”, they’re more often than not trying to chase clout.

However, rapper Yung Raja used the popular phrase for a more positive purpose, bringing joy to strangers during the festive Hari Raya period.

He offered anyone who shared his tweet some Hari Raya money, and was not kidding when he asked for their PayNow details.

Those who replied early got a reply from Yung Raja himself who told them to check their accounts. None shared a screenshot of their receipts, but their grateful responses indicate that he really did send them money.



Fans from as far as Malaysia tried their luck too, but seemed to not get a similar response, as he did specify that the offer was only for those from Singapore.

Fan asks him for his PayNow instead

In a surprising turn, one fan asked Yung Raja for his PayNow instead, and proceeded to give him some money.

He wasn’t stingy with the amount too, transferring $10 to the rapper’s account.


The rapper was touched by the gesture, and replied that he loved his fan too.

Small act of kindness amidst a somber celebration

Hari Raya has been different this year, void of the usual festive cheer present in house visits and other forms of celebration.

While what Yung Raja did was a small act of kindness, he probably lifted some people’s spirits nonetheless.

The tweet is still up, and people are still replying as recently as yesterday (28 May), but we’re unsure if the offer remains.

You can go ahead and try if you’re hopeful, otherwise, just wait for your relatives to come through.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Twitter.