S’pore Muslims Embrace A Quiet Hari Raya During Circuit Breaker & We’re All Profoundly Moved

Muslim Community’s Patience Teaches Us Powerful Lessons During Covid-19

On Saturday (25 Apr), the first day of Ramadan, the image of Covid-19 patients praying together at the Expo moved us to tears.


But the patience our Muslim community in Singapore has shown in observing social distancing – while dealing with a reality that visiting each other during Hari Raya won’t be possible – has extended far beyond that.


Mr Ganesh Sundram summarises the powerful lessons we can takeaway from the community’s understanding & respect for the greater good in this moving tribute on Saturday (16 May).


Ramadan will be a quiet affair

Mr Ganesh begins his post by saying that we can all “learn something so powerful” from Singapore’s Muslim community as we continue to observe our Circuit Breaker.

For our Muslim friends hold these values & traditions close to their hearts:

  • Going to a mosque to pray
  • Embarking on the haj is sacred affair
  • Embracing family togetherness & reunions
  • Taking pride & joy in religious festivals & ceremonies

However, he claims that the community has been understanding about the need to limit these activities, and to his knowledge, has not “complained” about the stricter measures on social media or in person.

Muslim community “quietly” goes about their business

That said, he went on to detail what other festivities have been cut short:

Although everyone’s expected to spend festivities “silently at home, Mr Ganesh describes that his Muslim friends continue to “quietly going about their business”.

Turning to tech to keep Raya spirit alive

The author shares that he would have been unhappy if he had to celebrate Deepavali at home, sharing an anecdote about a Muslim friend.


When asked what he’d do for Hari Raya this year, his friend simply laughed and said,

Paynow hongbao to my relatives, zoom call my friends and family. Makan some nice food at home and watch Netflix. Ah bro, relak ahh, still got next year apa.

We’re not crying, you are.

United in showing tolerance & understanding

While some of us have had gripes about the part-thunderstorm, part-crazy hot weather as of late, the writer shares,

In a world where we complain why the sun is so hot, I’ve never seen such unity, obedience, tolerance, patience, maturity & understanding.

Describing himself as “completely floored” by our Muslim community’s patience, Mr Ganesh shares that we can definitely take a leaf out of their books — as some of our concerns seem pretty “trivial” as compared to these concerns.

Finally, Mr Ganesh closes his post by thanking Singapore’s Muslim community for setting a good example for all Singaporeans.

Miles apart but close at heart

To all our Muslim friends who can’t gather at their larger-than-life auntie or uncle’s place this year, or enjoy a sumptuous Hari Raya feast or trade homemade kuehs & cookies with their relatives, our hearts are with you during these difficult times.

Hopefully, technology will help keep the spirit of Hari Raya alive and your loved ones will remain close at heart though they’re miles apart.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and for keeping all of us safe.

Featured image adapted from MuslimSG on Facebook & Facebook.

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