Suspended Residential Renovations Can Resume From 2 Jun, With Approval From BCA

Construction To Gradually Resume After ‘Circuit Breaker’ Ends, Projects Need Approval From BCA

Ever since the ‘Circuit Breaker’ kicked in on 7 Apr, most construction projects were forced to halt temporarily.

With the exception of certain critical infrastructure projects and those that have to continue for safety reasons, all other construction works such as residential renovations were put on hold till the 1 Jun end date.


However, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) have announced in a press release on Friday (15 May) that construction work will gradually be allowed to resume from 2 Jun onwards.

Projects allowed to continue include those that cannot be left idle for too long due to safety concerns, critical and time-sensitive projects, and previously suspended residential renovation works.

BCA’s approval required beforehand

All construction works will require BCA’s approval before they can resume.

Work will be allowed to resume in phases after 1 Jun to minimise the risk of new Covid-19 outbreaks among workers.


Currently, only 5% of the construction workforce is operational.

BCA expects a further 5% of the construction workforce to resume work in the month of June.

Additional measures in place to minimise risk of transmission

It is also now mandatory for construction projects to implement safe management measures before they resume work.

This is to minimise the risk of new Covid-19 outbreaks among construction workers.

Migrant workers in the construction industry must be tested before they are allowed to work.


Meanwhile, employers also have to adhere to plethora of safety guidelines. In general, they need to ensure that their workforce, work site, and accommodation and transport is “Covid-Safe”.

The comprehensive list of requirements can be found here.

BCA and the relevant Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) are working closely to establish further criteria.

Sense of normalcy slowly returning

Homeowners who have paused renovations in light of Covid-19 can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Although this signals the potential return of the occasional morning drilling that we are now present to witness, it’s also a sign that things are slowly reverting back to the norm.

However, the threat of a second wave of infections still looms, so let’s just stay cautious for now.

Featured image adapted from Yeobuild HomeRepair.

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