This Rose Bulbasaur Lets You Tell Your Partner ‘I Choose You’ On Valentine’s Day

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Bulbasaur Ditches Bulb For A Rose In Valentine’s Transformation

Pokémon lovers struggling to find the perfect gift for their significant other on Valentine’s Day need not fret as we think we’ve found the perfect present.

Presenting the Rose Bulbasaur, the first-ever Pokémon that has ditched its bulb plant for a blooming red rose.


This Valentine’s, nothing will say ‘I Choose You’ more than this lovely figurine.

Rose Bulbasaur has pink skin & heart accent

Recoloured into a cute shade of pink, Bulbasaur has undergone a total Valentine’s themed transformation.


Our favourite grass-type Pokémon even had its iconic accents swapped out in favour of a cute heart shape to round up its new design.


The finishing touch, the crème de la crème of its new look, is the blooming red rose on its back.


Perhaps the Pokémon’s iconic bulb has bloomed into a full-grown red rose, with layers of vibrant petals.

Thankfully, the rest of its body remains the same, including its pudgy legs and a pair of snaggleteeth.

Fake Pokémon has a history of becoming fan favourites

For Pokémon veterans, you may remember the myth of a certain Pikablu that surfaced in the early years of the franchise.

This fantasy Pokémon was actually revealed to be Marill but that didn’t stop fans from going crazy with their theories when the character made its appearance on the big screen.

From then, it was apparent that Pokémon fans hungered for alternate versions of their favourite Pokémon.

So when this Rose Bulbasaur came up on our feed, we knew it had the perfect ingredients to be a present for any Pokémon fan.

Get the coloured or uncoloured versions on Etsy

Finding a unique gift for a Poké-fan might require you to think outside the box a little.

Although it’s technically unauthorised, this Rose Bulbasaur is on sale on Etsy from $38.68, depending on the size and finish.

Each figurine is hand-sculpted, and you can get it either painted or as a blank sculpture for you to colour in yourself.


Rose Bulbasaur the perfect gift for your own number 1

As far as telling your significant other that they’re the one, you can’t drop any more obvious hints than gifting them a figurine of the first Pokémon on the Pokédex.

It’s hard to go wrong with everyone’s favourite grass-type anyway.

What do you think of this Rose Bulbasaur and would you get it for your Pokémon-loving significant other?

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Featured image adapted from ArkatzStore on Etsy.

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