Sambar Deer Dashes Across The Road In Daytime At S’pore Park, Driver Marvels At Rare Sight

Father & Daughter Encounter Sambar Deer In Broad Daylight At Singapore Park

In light of the recent comeback of the sambar deer, sightings of these majestic creatures are getting a little more common than before.

A father-daughter duo in Singapore was fortunate enough to have had a close encounter with one of them at a park on Sunday (2 Apr), in broad daylight.

The father took to the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group to gush about the encounter. His post also included a video of the sambar deer.

Sambar deer suddenly appeared next to road, dashes across it

In the video, the father could be heard freaking out about the creature when the pair spotted it.

They were in the car while driving along a road lined by trees and greenery on both sides.

Suddenly, a sambar deer appeared to the right of the vehicle. It seemed to have emerged from the foliage on that side of the road.

It quickly dashed across the road while the father exclaimed, “No, no, no, it’s a deer! Oh my gosh! Oh, I told you, right?”

sambar deer park

Source: Facebook

However, his daughter did not sound impressed, as she remained calm throughout the encounter.

Responding to some comments, the father said they spotted the deer on Sunday at around 3.30pm.

sambar deer park

Source: Facebook

Netizens marvel at the encounter

Facebook users who came across his post also expressed wonder at the father-daughter duo’s sighting. One of them commented how lucky the pair was to be able to see them roaming about in the wild.

sambar deer park

Source: Facebook

Other users praised the father for driving slowly when wildlife is near.

Source: Facebook

Although the exact location of the encounter was not made clear in the original post, some speculate that it is in the vicinity of Chestnut Park.

Source: Facebook

Whatever it is, do keep a lookout when you are spending time in our parks and nature reserves.

While creatures such as the sambar deer are beautiful, it is always a good idea to keep a safe distance should you come across them.

The number of sambar deer is slowly increasing in Singapore. Here’s why: 

Sambar Deer Once Believed To Be Extinct In S’pore Making Comeback Thanks To Zoo Escapees

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