Seoul Garden Restaurants Cease Buffets After 38 Years

Seoul Garden is a household name in Singapore, well known for its affordable, halal Korean BBQ buffet.


However, from Thursday (19 Aug), the Korean grill chain restaurant will stop serving buffets and pivot to an à la carte menu.

Chicken Bulgogi Bibimbap
Image courtesy of Seoul Garden

This decision comes after 38 years of serving Korean-style BBQ buffets. Citing the impact Covid-19 had on its business model, a move to an à la carte menu was necessary to adapt to the new normal.

Switch to adapt to changing Covid-19 situation

In a press release on 19 Aug, Seoul Garden announced that they are shifting their dining concept away from a buffet to an à la carte menu.

The bold decision comes as a response to Singapore’s plan to embark on a path towards an endemic Covid-19.

As Safe Management Measures (SMMs) continue to evolve, the Korean BBQ chain has had to make changes to provide diners with a safer dining environment.

Since buffets carry higher exposure risks, restaurants like Seoul Garden have had to offer à la carte menus instead.

The Korean chain also recognises that food waste is a common problem with buffets. Therefore, by shifting to an à la carte concept, they hope to limit food wastage.

Korean BBQ will still be available in small sets

Seoul Garden first opened its doors in 1983, pioneering the modern Korean grill chain of restaurants in Singapore.

Since then, it has become an institution for BBQ aficionados and a popular food spot for large groups to dine in.

Although the buffet aspect may be gone, diners can still expect to indulge in their marinated meat selection albeit through a more carefully portioned serving.

Personal Grill Set – Premium Kalbi Set
Image courtesy of Seoul Garden

The grill sets are available for 1, 2, and 4 pax, with premium meat and seafood, so you can enjoy them with the fam or your BFFs.

Premium Bundle Set For 4
Image courtesy of Seoul Garden

You can check out the brand new menu on their official website.

Continue supporting local eateries

The move to go à la carte seemed inevitable as the world continues to manage the pandemic.

Though seeing our favourite restaurant undergo a complete transformation may take away the sense of familiarity we have with it, at least we can be glad that it has found a way to survive.

While we cannot heap hills of meat on our plates anymore, thankfully, we can take comfort in the fact that we can continue enjoying the Korean BBQ offerings.

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Featured image adapted from Seoul Garden Singapore and courtesy of Seoul Garden.