Shane Pow Banned From Steering Wheel For 5 Years After Drink-Driving Conviction

Drink-driving is a serious offence as driving under the influence of alcohol can impair judgment and lead to accidents, potentially fatal.

Ex-Mediacorp actor Shane Pow was sentenced to 5 weeks’ jail following a 2nd drink-driving charge on Wednesday (14 Jul).


He also got a $6,000 fine and is banned from driving for 5 years.

Had 2 glasses of beer and drove

TODAY Online reports that Pow’s lawyer noted Pow’s regret at his actions.

On the night of 17 Sep 2020, Pow went to a Korean restaurant along Amoy Street with 2 friends.

Even though he was driving, he drank 2 glasses of beer from 7pm to around 8.30pm and chatted until 10.30pm, drinking only water.

Pow then sent his friends home at Tiong Bahru in his van, then picked up another friend in Bugis.

A traffic police officer stopped Pow along Java Road towards Nicoll Highway at 11.20pm for routine checks.

He noted that Pow reeked of alcohol.

Pow failed his breathalyser test — he had 49mg of alcohol per 100ml of his breath. The legal limit is 35mg.

Shane Pow jailed for 2nd drink driving offence

Previously, Pow was fined $1,500 and banned from driving for 1 year for another drink driving offence in 2014.

Another $800 fine for inconsiderate driving was included.

Pow was also caught attending a birthday party with 11 others at Terence Cao’s home last year when the maximum limit for gatherings was 5 guests at homes.

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He was fined $300 for his participation.

Thought alcohol level would subside with water

Pow’s lawyer S S Dhillon had asked for 4 weeks’ jail, a $5,000 fine and a driving ban of 5 years, Channel NewsAsia (CNA) reported.

He described Pow’s reaction as being “completely shell-shocked” thanks to the media coverage and arrest.

Mr Dhillon also noted that Pow is “so dislocated and petrified” that he’ll never dare to be anything less than law-abiding from now on.

Pow had thought that drinking a lot of water would help clear the alcohol in his blood, and had only had beer at his friend’s insistence as it was that friend’s birthday.

As he was released from Mediacorp, he’s had to make ends meet to support his parents, a taxi driver and a housewife.

S’pore Actor Shane Pow Let Go By Mediacorp, Company Wasn’t Told About Drink Driving Charge

Pow now runs Sibay Shiok, a food business with Cao.

Seriousness of crime should dissuade drink driving

What Pow did could have resulted in grave injury to himself or others on the road.

Be it whether he’s a celebrity or not, the offence carries a heavy weight.

As shown in this case, even 2 glasses of beer can take you over the limit. The lesson here is that one should not drive if you’ve had alcohol as you won’t be able to tell how much is in your blood.

We hope that he has truly repented from his actions given his sentence and that others do not partake in drink driving.

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