Shi Li Fang Has $9.90 Hot Pot Meals All Day Everyday, With 6 Sets To Choose From

With more of us heading back to the offices to work, one of the things we have certainly missed is socialising with our colleagues.

And the best social activity to do with them? Having delicious lunches. A sumptuous spread at Shi Li Fang Hot Pot isn’t a bad idea, especially with their affordable prices.


All-day sets comprising 5 items each are only $9.90, so you can enjoy a lavish spread without burning a hole in your wallet.


As there are 6 different sets, there’s something to satisfy whatever cravings you may have.

$9.90 set meals at Shi Li Fang

A wide array of dishes to choose from may make decisions a lot harder, especially when you like everything on the menu.

To ease your burden, Shi Li Fang has prepared 6 different combos, for you to pick exactly what you’d feel like eating most that day.


The sets vary according to the proteins, namely:

  1. All-In-One
  2. Superior Chicken Slice
  3. Fish & Chicken Slice Combo
  4. Fish Slice
  5. Mushroom
  6. Pork & Chicken Combo

Each set also includes a basket of vegetables, 2 soup bases, 1 bowl of rice, a drink and condiments.

Different combos for every craving

Indecisive eaters who want a bit of everything can get the All-In-One set, which includes seafood, chicken and mushrooms.


Those on a strict white meat diet can consider the Superior Chicken Slice combo with the most tender slices of poultry.


Add a little bit of variety to your proteins with the Fish & Chicken Slice set, so you’ll have the occasional bite of fresh seafood.


But those who’d prefer to balance things out with some red meat can go for the Pork & Chicken Combo, which we bet will be very filling.


Whatever your preference for protein may be, there’s something to please every palette, so all your lunch buddies will be satisfied.

Free toys from Monday to Thursday

If you and your squad choose to dine between Mondays and Thursdays, each table will be entitled to a free big toy.


The adorable plush toys include ladybugs, mice and rabbits.

The plushies will be available at all 15 outlets, so no matter where your office is, you can easily jio your colleagues to the nearest Shi Li Fang.

Time to indulge in the good things

As Singaporeans, we love to hunt for good deals and delicious offerings.

With Phase 3 possibly happening soon, making meal plans with more friends becomes an exciting prospect.

In anticipation of that, it is never too early to make a list of places to dine at so we can indulge in the good things together. But for now, remember to stick to groups of 5 only.

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Featured image from Singapore Now and Google Maps.