S’pore Food Delivery Directory With 270+ Listings Helps Hawkers Save On Delivery Commission

Singapore Food Delivery Directory

As we stay home during this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, many of us are opting for food delivery options to satisfy our cravings.


Many F&B owners hence have to pay commission fees to engage the services of more well-known food delivery apps to stay relevant. And the smaller F&Bs can’t afford to be on these apps.

TheSmartLocal (TSL), a local media company, has collated a list of local eateries providing direct delivery services so you can now support your favourite hawkers and cafes directly – the full purchase order will go to F&B owners.


270+ listings on food directory

This food delivery directory features over 270 local F&B outlets & eateries, selling a variety of food options from acai bowls, brown sugar pearl milk & wanton mee.


The listed stalls all have one thing in common, though. Each stall provides their own direct delivery service and takes orders via phone call, WhatsApp message or through their own websites.


If you feel overwhelmed by the vast array of choices, you can start by locating stores near you by filtering your options.


TSL’s food directory helps you sift through relevant info such as every hawker’s opening hours and contact details, so you can promptly get your orders in.

By choosing to order directly from our local eateries, you can help F&Bs save on commission fees and earn more from each delivery.

Worked over the weekend to get directory up & running

MS News understands that TheSmartLocal worked through the weekend to get the food directory up and running. The team expressed that they wished to help those affected by recent Covid-19 developments and to encourage Singaporeans to stay united.

Mr Bryan Choo, managing director of TSL, shared what inspired the meaningful endeavour,

“Our F&B scene has always made me proud to be Singaporean. Many hawkers directly impacted by the Covid-19 situation remain at risk. I wanted us to do what we could to protect & preserve it.”

In this critical time when F&B owners have no choice but to rely on delivery & takeaway orders, our support could make or break their businesses.

We’re glad that there’s now a small way to give back to heartland food operators who’ve been serving us for years.

Every dollar counts to support local hawkers

Our efforts to support local F&B outlets will definitely go a long way to help our hardworking hawkers.

So the next time you want to treat your friend to a ‘Circuit Breaker’ bubble tea, try searching this directory for the store’s number to order your drinks directly instead.

Yes, it does take a bit more effort to order manually from these hawkers. But the extra amount these hawkers save from commissions could also ensure their survival.

Disclosure: TheSmartLocal is an affiliated company of MS News.

Featured image adapted from TheSmartLocal.

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