Hack Singapore Public Holidays In 2020 By Using 11 Days Of Leave To Get 41 Days Off

Use Singapore Public Holidays To Create Long Weekends In 2020

Everyone needs a break, and sometimes two measly days during weekends just won’t cut it.

Luckily, there will be 7 long weekends in 2020 based on the latest holiday list released by The Ministry Of Manpower (MOM).

We’ve created a hack sheet so you know how to maximise your leave to get the most weekends off.


Here is the list that was posted by MOM on Monday (8 Apr).


With careful planning, you may be able to take advantage of the long weekends for 8 x 4-day holidays.

Long weekend dates

Thanks to the long weekends, you can start planning for your holiday plans in advance.

Here are the months you should definitely start choping leave for, so you can enjoy your next quick getaway.

1. January:

1 Jan (Wed): New Year’s Day
2 Jan (Thu): Leave
3 Jan (Fri): Leave
4 Jan (Sat): Weekend
5 Jan (Sun): Weekend

24 Jan (Fri): Leave for pre-CNY prep
25 Jan (Sat): CNY
26 Jan (Sun): CNY
27 Jan (Mon): CNY OFF

2. April:

9 Apr (Thurs): Leave
10 Apr (Fri): Good Friday
11 Apr (Sat): Weekend
12 Apr (Sun): Weekend

3. May:

1 May (Fri): Labour Day
2 May (Sat): Weekend
3 May (Sun): Weekend
4 May (Mon): Leave for a 2-day work week

If you want the best value to holiday ratio, you can take Tuesday and Wednesday off too. you will get a 10-day holiday for only 4 days of leave.

7 May (Thurs): Vesak Day
8 May (Fri): Take leave
9 May (Sat): Weekend
10 May (Sun): Weekend

22 May (Fri): Leave
23 May (Sat): Weekend
24 May (Sun): Hari Raya Puasa
25 May (Mon): Hari Raya Puasa off

4. July:

31 July (Fri): Hari Raya Haji
1 Aug (Sat): Weekend
2 Aug (Sun): Weekend
3 Aug (Mon): Leave

5. August:

7 Aug (Fri): Leave for a 3-day work week
8 Aug (Sat): Weekend
9 Aug (Sun): National Day
10 Aug (Mon) NDP off’

6. December:

24 Dec (Thurs): Leave for last minute Christmas shopping
25 Dec (Fri): Christmas Day
26 Dec (Sat): Weekend
27 Dec (Sun): Weekend

Bonus: Plan for 2021 too!

31 Dec (Thurs): Leave for New Year’s Eve
1 Jan 2021 (Fri): New Year’s Day
2 Jan 2021 (Sat): Weekend
3 Jan 2021 (Sat): Weekend

Beat the system

2020 seems like a good year to fully take advantage of the holidays.

With just 11 days of leave used, you can get a longer 4-day break from your hectic work schedules.


Share it with your friends and family and start planning for your trips right now.

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