Someone Keeps Changing Singapore Universities’ Names On Wikipedia To Something Stupid

Singapore Universities Keep Getting Renamed On Wikipedia

There is a battle going on in Wikipedia pages of our local universities. Someone, or some people, keeps changing the name of the universities to something cheeky and then someone else, more faithful to the truth, changes it back.

Here’s one instance for the the National University of Singapore on 31 Jul 2019. We aren’t sure if it is coincidental, but this comes just a few months after the Monica Baey incident.


The misconduct, however, did not last very long. Just 10 minutes later, a righteous contributor steps in to correct the error.


Other universities not spared

NUS wasn’t the only target of the Wikipedia ‘trolling’. The Singapore Management University (SMU) was turned into Singapore Management University of Ang Moh for a good 2 minutes.

We’re not really sure why they’d call it Ang Moh though since NUS has plenty of Caucasian exchange students as well.


Nanyang Technological University (NTU) got renamed Nanyang Technological University of China. That’s perhaps due to the common impression people have of the student population at NTU. Anyone from NTU care to confirm or correct that statement?


Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) wasn’t spared either. Because the school apparently holds very few seminars and a fair number of e-classes, the trolls turned it into Singapore University of Self Study.


Please do not troll on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a public encyclopedia, which anyone can contribute to. This is what makes it so easy to just hop on and edit the pages.

Of course, there are active contributors and moderators that will quickly correct any obviously wrong information put up onto the page.

But that apparently, hasn’t stopped the trolls from trying every once in a while to spin the universities into something stupid-sounding.

Please don’t join them after reading this article.

Featured image from NUS.

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