S’porean Lived In Indonesia Since 17 Mar 2020, Tested Positive On 26 Jan While He Was Still There

Singapore has been fortunate to have one of the lowest death rates from Covid-19 in the world – just 29 people have died from the virus so far, despite the Republic recording 59,925 cases.

When Singaporeans venture overseas, however, we can’t guarantee their safety from Covid-19.

Unfortunately, a Singaporean has succumbed to the disease after living in Indonesia for more than 10 months.

Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta

But because he has been registered as an overseas case, he won’t be included in Singapore’s case count.

12 new Covid-19 cases on 27 Feb

In news release on Saturday (27 Feb), the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported 12 new Covid-19 cases.

Happily, no community cases are among them, making it the 2nd day in a row that’s happened.

However, MOH did convey some bad news – a Singaporean has died from Covid-19.

Deceased is 64-year-old man who lived in Indonesia

The deceased is a 64-year-old man who had been living in Indonesia since 17 Mar 2020.

Although Indonesia reported its 1st cases of Covid-19 on 2 Mar, the virus has now spread rapidly in our neighbouring country.

According to Worldometers, Indonesia now has 1,329,074 cases of Covid-19 – the highest in South-east Asia, and No. 18 in the world.


They also have 35,981 deaths in total.

On Saturday (27 Feb), the country reported 6,208 new COVID-19 cases and 195 new deaths.

Singaporean was medically evacuated back to Singapore

The Singaporean tested positive for Covid-19 on 26 Jan, when he was still in Indonesia.

He was sent to hospital on 27 Jan.

However, on 29 Jan, he was medically evacuated to Singapore’s National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID).


There, he again tested positive on 30 Jan.

He had high level of fats in blood

Unfortunately, he passed away on Friday (26 Feb), due to complications from Covid-19 infection.

He had a past history of hyperlipidaemia, MOH said.

According to HealthHub, that means he had a high level of lipids, or fats, in his blood.


NCID is extending assistance to his family.

He’s not included in Singapore’s case count

It’s tragic that the Singaporean passed away, but he won’t affect our case count.

That’s because he was already registered as an overseas case, most likely in Indonesia’s count.

This is unlike the 29th death: That was a Singaporean who went to Indonesia for 8 months but travelled home and went straight to hospital, where he tested positive and later passed away.

Thus, we still officially have 29 Covid-19 deaths.

A life cut short due to Covid-19

Though the latest death is not in our case count, he’s still a Singaporean whose life was cut short due to Covid-19.

We can only imagine the grief of his family members, and hope they got the chance to see him before his untimely passing.

MS News extends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

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