S’pore Family Takes In M’sian Who Had No Place To Go During Lockdown, They’re The Heroes We Need Now

Singaporean Redditor’s Parents Don’t Have Much, But Warm Hearts Are All That’s Needed

The Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with Malaysia’s abrupt lockdown, cast a huge shadow of uncertainty over Singapore. In times like these, it’s good to reassure us that human decency still exists, with heartwarming stories of kind heroes.

And Reddit doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

In a Reddit post on Tuesday (17 Mar), a Redditor shared an uplifting story about simple selflessness. Here’s the post:


Redditor’s father’s Malaysian colleague was affected by the lockdown

Redditor batsimal’s father, affectionately dubbed a “Singaporean boomer”, had a colleague who lives in Johor Baru who was affected by Malaysia’s lockdown.

The colleague, aptly named “JB boy”, had no place to live in Singapore as he was recently chased out of his landlord’s place.

Thus, Batsimal shared:

My dad immediately offered our home to his colleague (whom he treats as his own son imo), our place to stay for the time being.

Asked his biological sons to prepare for JB boy

To be hospitable, the kind father made plans to receive his guest before leaving for work.

Concerned that the queen-sized sofa bed they had was too meagre an offering, he asked his wife to get his sons to bring out the foldable mattress for JB boy.

The Redditor jokingly quipped,

Me being a jealous brat (jk i’m not like that ok), questioned how is the queen sized sofa bed not big enough when his two biological sons were sleeping on single beds.

As it turns out, his father had a good reason behind not using the queen-sized sofa bed.

Turns out he didn’t know how to properly set up the sofa bed (laughs at dad).

Slippers for the guest

Batsimal, in an update, said that his father wanted to check if there were extra slippers were available for JB boy.

Coincidentally, both the Redditor and his brother happened to share the same shoe size as the Malaysian.

He said in jest:

Do we get to share our clothes too??? Jk okay guys personal hygiene is impt now ok.

Redditor’s mother even offered to cook

Despite already doing the Malaysian a huge favour by temporarily putting him up, the kind family went a step further.

Batsimal’s mother offered to cook dinner for JB boy, a decision that her husband was naturally supportive of.

Updates in the comment section later confirmed that JB boy was well fed.


Touched by his parents’ kindness, hails them as heroes

Although he proclaims his parents are only average citizens that never had much, Batsimal was amazed by their “simple, small and selfless actions”.

Hailing them as heroes, he said:

They have my utmost respect for what they have done, albeit small actions, but to their best ability nonetheless.

He then concluded:

Stay strong everyone, a little kindness goes a long way.

Netizens touched by this wholesome story

Netizens were quick to voice their support and approval of the kind family’s example.

One netizen said they could sleep peacefully knowing that such kindness still exists.


Another netizen was touched to the point of tears, and offered hugs.


Yet another netizen remarked that this story should be more widely shared to drown out the negativity in society.


We hear and agree with you, random netizen!


Featured image adapted from AFP.

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