Volunteers Book Hotel For ‘Homeless’ Man Using SingapoRediscover Vouchers, He Was Awaiting Rental Flat

Volunteers Use SingapoRediscover Vouchers To Book 9-Day Hotel Stay For ‘Homeless’ Man

Update (19 Dec): According to Mummy Yummy, HDB has assigned the man a rental flat which he will be able to move in to on 22 Dec.

He will be signing the necessary documents and collect the keys on Saturday (19 Dec) morning.

It’s the holiday season and many of us are already planning for ways to use our SingapoRediscover vouchers for staycations with family and friends.

Instead of spending it on their own merriment, some volunteers came up with the novel idea of using their vouchers to help a ‘homeless’ man.

On Thursday (17 Dec), Mummy Yummy Singapore shared on Facebook that their volunteers had recently banded together and used their vouchers to redeem hotel stays for the man.


The volunteers’ creative efforts allowed the man to have a comfortable stay at the hotel for 9 days while he waits for a rental flat to be allocated to him.


SingapoRediscover vouchers used to book hotel for ‘homeless’ man

When volunteers from Mummy Yummy were brainstorming about how to help the ‘homeless’ man when they thought of the creative idea.

Combining their creativity and altruistic spirit, 3 volunteers decided to ‘combine’ their SingapoRediscover vouchers to book a hotel in Serangoon for the man.


On their Facebook post, Mummy Yummy shared screenshots of the booking receipts.


Booked 9 days at hotel for ‘homeless’ man

With each $100 voucher being used to redeem a 3-day stay, this allowed the man to stay there for a period of 9 days.

Singaporediscovers hotel homelessSource

The hotel room appears to be well equipped with the basic amenities one would need.

Singaporediscovers hotel homelessSource

While it might be a modest room, it gives the man a comfortable place to tide through the period.

Singaporediscovers hotel homelessSource

The ‘homeless’ man is currently waiting for HDB to allocate him a rental flat unit.

According to Mummy Yummy, it will take about 6-8 weeks for HDB to find him a rental flat in an area of his choice.

Until then, Mummy Yummy expressed their continued commitment to help him search for suitable lodging options.

Netizens inspired to donate vouchers

Mummy Yummy hopes that by sharing this story, they’ll inspire more groups to help those in need — and it looks like it’s already working.

Learning of their efforts, netizens were naturally full of praise for the volunteers.

Singaporediscovers hotel homelessSource

Touched by their story, many also offered to donate their vouchers for those in need.

Singaporediscovers hotel homelessSource

Some netizens even said that this is the best way they could think of to use their vouchers.

Singaporediscovers hotel homelessSource

Despite that, Mummy Yummy encouraged others to use their SingapoRediscover vouchers to spend time with their family first.

Nonetheless, they thanked netizens for their overwhelming support and assured them that they’d update the public should they need help.

Kudos to Mummy Yummy volunteers

Kudos to the volunteers at Mummy Yummy for their innovation and heart to ‘donate’ their vouchers for such a worthy cause.

They have shown that doing good knows no bounds and there are many all help others in our own unique ways.

Their actions has certainly inspired many others to think about how they can put their vouchers to good use.

So, if you’re still looking for ways to use your vouchers, why not brainstorm about more creative ways they can be used to help others?

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