Mum Of 4 Opens First Muslimah-Friendly Unisex Hair Salon In Jalan Besar After 20 Years’ Training

Skuare Hair Boutique Is Singapore’s First Muslimah-Friendly Unisex Hair Salon

When the pandemic hit, many businesses faced unprecedented uncertainties. Many people opted to be frugal and count their pennies, in an attempt to protect what they have.

But for Ms Zaidah Ds, she took this as a chance to step out of her comfort zone and opened up Skuare Hair Boutique, Singapore’s first Muslim-owned, Muslimah-friendly unisex hair salon.

Image courtesy of Ms Zaidah

Amassing over 2 decades of experience, the Toni & Guy Hairdressing Singapore alumni has been mastering her craft ever since she was 14 and had stints at a few local Muslimah salons as well as being a home-based hairdresser.

The mother of 4 children, 2 of whom are special needs, now possesses a long list of regular clients — a testament to her ability and craft.

Persevered when she was underestimated

Before setting up the hair salon, Ms Zaidah enjoyed a short stint as a creative director and as a trainer to a ladies-only salon.

In this time, she realised how small the industry was and saw potential in imparting her haircare knowledge to her clients.

However, the rigid industry was unwelcoming to difference. Being a Muslim lady in the hair education industry, her credentials were often questioned, but she took it upon herself to let her work do the talking.

Image courtesy of Ms Zaidah

After conducting several training sessions and displaying her competency with difficult customers, the opinion of her gradually changed and her colleagues now look to her for advice.

Image courtesy of Ms Zaidah

In an interview with MS News, Ms Zaidah shared that, “I believed in showing professionalism in dealing with all sorts of clients. Before I could do what I do today, I had put in years of practice to master the skills and know my craft inside out.”

Skuare Hair Boutique is a Muslimah-friendly unisex hair salon

On 1 Jan, Ms Zaidah took a leap of faith and opened Skuare Hair Boutique, touted as Singapore’s first Muslimah-friendly unisex hair salon.

Image courtesy of Ms Zaidah

Understanding the clientele’s needs is a business owner’s modus operandi. And seizing the opportunity to be more inclusive is one of her goals.

Image courtesy of Ms Zaidah

Ms Zaidah revealed that, “I realised there was a demand for men’s haircut & colouring to be done by highly-skilled practitioners. Oftentimes, these are men whose family and friends frequent our services and love the fact that we do our job well, yet being affordable.”

Hair done for a client
Image courtesy of Ms Zaidah

Not straying too far from her main clientele, she also has a designated area for Muslimah clients who prefer the privacy of covered space.

Her husband is her pillar of strength

Not everyone can selfishly pursue their dreams. Some may need to consider their significant other’s opinions before committing to a lofty ambition.

Thankfully, Ms Zaidah’s husband has been a constant supporter of her goals.

Ms Zaidah and her family at the salon
Image courtesy of Ms Zaidah

In the early years, he pushed for Ms Zaidah to complete her training as an assistant before she could be a stylist at Toni & Guy Singapore and had never pushed for her to start a family.

As time went on, he’s also taken a bulk of the responsibilities when it comes to their 4 children — sending, fetching their kids to and fro from school, and also checks on their homework regularly.

He’s also taken up chores in the house to help offset the burden on his wife and new business owner.

Juggling between business & motherhood

No goals are achieved without sacrifice. And it takes a fine juggling act to keep Ms Zaidah’s responsibilities to her business and children, balanced.

At home, she wears the ‘mummy’ hat and gives her children all her undivided attention. She knows what being a mother for 2 special needs children calls for and gives her best.

“I try my level best to balance family life without neglecting their needs especially my 2 special needs sons. It is very tiring but I accept the hustle and soldier on,” she disclosed.

How to get there

If you wish to get your hair done for you and your family, you can definitely pay Ms Zaidah and her team a visit at Skuare Hair Boutique.

Skuare Hair Boutique by Chantek
Address: 109 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208829
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat (11am-8pm), Sun (11am-5pm)
Nearest MRT: Jalan Besar station

Hopes to inspire mothers to pursue their dreams

Ms Zaidah left us with some parting words of advice for all mothers out there.

“My advice to other mums out there is please do not stop dreaming for a better future for you and your family.

“You can achieve that with all those best wishes, starting from your family members. The support they give you will help you strive harder to achieve success.”

We wholeheartedly support this notion and wish Ms Zaidah a very successful future for her business and family.

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Featured image courtesy of Ms Zaidah and Instagram.

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