M’sian Grandma Keeps Money In Milo Tins, Loses S$100,000 After Pests Invade Containers

Grandma Loses S$100,000 Cash Stored In Milo Tins After Pests Destroy Them

For some older folks, keeping money by their side seems like a safer option than putting them in banks.

Oftentimes, this means cash is placed in tin cans for safekeeping.

However, for one unfortunate grandma in Malaysia, pests invaded the Milo tins she stored her money in and damaged the cash.


In total, she apparently lost over S$98,513 (RM300,000).

Grandma stored money in Milo tins

On 1 Dec, Facebook Group Penang News Group shared about how a grandma stored her money in Milo tins.

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Back in the day, this was deemed as common practice and an effective way of storing money.

The grandma seems to have kept a staggering amount of money in the tins, with bundle after bundle of RM100 notes shown in the videos.

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According to World of Buzz, each bundle amounted to about S$3,283 (RM10,000).

Bundles of notes in tins destroyed by pests

But it seems that over time, the poor grandma’s milo tins were invaded by pests.

As a result, most of the notes inside were left damaged and unusable.

At least 10 bundles of RM100 notes were completely blackened.


Notes that were previously tightly bundled up also had their rubber bands broken and appeared torn up.

Grandma money tinsSource

Bits of disintegrated notes were littered all over the floor and small black specks that looked like pests could be seen.

Grandma money tinsSource

Even some of the stacks of notes that initially appeared intact were damaged at the sides upon closer inspection.

In total, the grandma lost at least a whopping S$98,513 (RM300,000) in the money ‘massacre’ by the pests, reported World of Buzz.

Small amount of money salvaged

As a small consolation to all of this tragedy, not all was lost.

The last video of the Facebook post shows 11 stacks of RM100 notes seemingly unscathed.

Grandma money tinsSource

It most likely adds up to about S$36,121 (RM110,000), a small amount in comparison to what was lost.

This goes to show the sheer amount of money the grandma had stored in her milo tins.

You can watch the videos in full here.

A cautionary tale for all

We can’t imagine the heartache the grandma felt when her life savings were lost just like that.

This story is certainly a cautionary tale for those who store their money at home in tins.

So if your grandparents or someone you know still stores their money in tins like this, you might want to suggest a different way.

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