Snake Slithers Above Overhead Compartments On AirAsia Flight, Cabin Crew Catches It In Plastic Bag

Snake Slithers Above Overhead Compartments On AirAsia Flight

Last Saturday (13 Jan), an AirAsia flight headed for Phuket from Bangkok in Thailand turned awry when a snake appeared above the cabin’s overhead compartments.


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A member of the cabin crew eventually managed to capture the reptile in a plastic bag.

Upon landing at Phuket, staff at the airport boarded the plane and removed the snake.

Snake spotted above overhead compartments on AirAsia flight

According to the New Straits Times (NST), the incident occurred aboard an AirAsia Airbus A320 aircraft travelling from Bangkok to Phuket on 13 Jan.

On 16 Jan, TikTok user @wannabnailssalon posted a video showing the snake slithering in the space above the overhead compartments.

Source: @wannabnailssalon on TikTok

Passengers seated below turned around in alarm at the sight, with some even leaving their seats.

A cabin crew member then approached the reptile, holding an empty water bottle near it in an attempt to capture it.

However, the snake recoiled and slithered away instead.

Source: @wannabnailssalon on TikTok

The cabin crew member subsequently made a second attempt at capturing the snake with a bottle but failed again.

Eventually, he held up a plastic bag and swept the reptile into it using one end of the bottle.

Source: @wannabnailssalon on TikTok

Snake removed from aircraft by airport staff

Citing Thai media, NST reported that cabin crew placed the snake in a cupboard after capturing it.

The plane later made a safe landing at Phuket International Airport. Ground staff then boarded the aircraft and took the reptile away.

Before they disembarked, passengers’ carry-on baggage underwent a search to ensure that nobody smuggled any other animals aboard the flight.

The snake was subsequently identified to be from the Blanford’s bridle species, which Thai National Parks says is harmless.

MS News has reached out to AirAsia for more information on the matter.

This isn’t the first time snakes have been spotted aboard an AirAsia flight.

Two years ago, a video of a snake slithering in the overhead compartments on a flight to Sabah went viral.

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Featured image adapted from @wannabnailssalon on TikTok.

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