Spark The Next: Youth Hangouts Pop-Ups Will Be Held From 20 Nov To 8 Dec

Sustainability, inclusiveness, fairness. These are just some topics which inevitably surface in discussions about our future, about Singapore’s future.

Over the next few weeks, there will be a roving pop-up moving across 3 locations – Jurong Point (20 – 24 Nov), Plaza Singapura (27 Nov – 1 Dec) and Our Tampines Hub (4 – 8 Dec). The pop-up will feature 3 distinct installations, each exploring a different theme about Singapore’s future through unique sets and interactive panels.

Spark The Next: Youth Hangout hopes to spark meaningful conversations about the future as part of the SG Youth Action Plan – for example, how we can move towards greater sustainability, become more aware of the unseen struggles faced by those around us and pursue our passion with conviction.

There will be 3 interactive installations each focusing on different aspects of life:

  • Room For Change – changing the way we perceive and manage everyday wastage
  • The Invisible Gallery – bringing to light mental health conditions and other unseen struggles
  • Youths-Like-Us – encouraging all to pursue their passion with confidence

Room For Change

Interactive panels that allow you to learn more about clothing waste

Wastage is a pressing problem. Our landfills are quickly running out of space and the constant burning of our trash only hastens global warming. This is why sustainable living matters.

Room For Change is an open-concept room fitted with interactive panels that brings to light just how much waste we are producing — be it from fashion, food, or plastic. We tend not to think twice about throwing a piece of clothing or a plastic container away. But if everyone closes an eye to their consumption habits, it adds up to a tremendous, worrying amount of waste.

Only when we realise the enormity of the problem, we’ll understand why it’s important for us to act now to build a sustainable Singapore.

The Invisible Gallery

There is more than meets the eye

Mental health conditions and personal struggles aren’t issues that people are willing to talk about openly. This is why not many of us may be aware of their prevalence. Yet, these are very real problems that affect lives.

The Invisible Gallery is, as its name suggests, invisible. Upon stepping in, you’ll find only blank canvases. But just as issues like mental health conditions aren’t easily seen or heard, so too are the stories of such individuals. Follow the clues on the gallery walls to find out how to uncover these stories.

More than a sharing of personal experiences, the gallery hopes to instil in visitors a greater sense of empathy. We may not think it much, but a little empathy goes a long way in making a difference.


Choosing to pursue our passions is not always easy. The road is often full of challenges, setbacks and people on all sides telling you to stick with the well-worn path. But if passion calls and you follow it with determination and hard work, you can succeed all the same. Some Singaporeans have proven this, like artiste Michelle Chong and football coach Fandi Ahmad.

Each model features a special panel that lets you interact with the personality

Youths-Like-Us features life-sized models of these Singaporeans – but as their younger selves. They will ‘tell’ you that like many of us, they too had their worries and doubts starting out. Find out first-hand at the exhibit how they stuck to their guts, persevered and eventually reached their aspirations.

You can also participate in the social media contest on-ground for a chance to win an exclusive workshop with local personalities, Michelle, Fandi, MasterChef Asia finalist Lennard Yeong and actress Eswari Gunasagar.

Try ‘speaking’ to Lennard over the phone

Sparking a change in the young

Spark The Next is all about creating change. If we want to see an inclusive, progressive, sustainable, fair and caring Singapore, we have to start talking about the things that matter now. And more than that, we have to start taking action.

P.S. You’ll stand a chance to win mall vouchers by taking part in a short quiz. You can also redeem a free cup of bubble tea from Gong Cha by scanning a QR code beside the installations.

An offer you simply can’t refuse

The first pop-up will be at Jurong Point from 20 to 24 Nov.

Spark The Next @ Jurong Point

Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, Singapore 648886
Time: 12pm – 8pm (20 & 21 Nov), 12.30pm – 8.30pm (22, 23 & 24 Nov)
Nearest MRT: Boon Lay

In case you can’t make it for this one, fret not, there will be 2 more. One at Plaza Singapura (27 Nov – 1 Dec) and another at Our Tampines Hub (4 – 8 Dec). So go on and mark your calendars today!

To find out more about the installations, visit

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Spark The Next by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.