MOM Website Shows 5 Strangers Registered Under 1 Home Address

Having an actual stranger in your house is scary, but having 5 ‘living’ at your address without your knowledge is a whole other level.

A Singaporean got a shock when he found out through the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s website that there were 5 foreign workers registered under his residential address.

He took to Facebook to share his discovery. Here is his post in full.


5 strangers registered with his home address

On Thursday (18 Apr), a neighbour advised the Facebook user to check for any foreign workers in Singapore who had registered their residing address as his home address without his consent.

The neighbour explained that many others staying in the same apartment, The Floravale, had complained about facing such a situation.


When he visited the MOM website, the man was appalled to find not just one, but five foreign workers registered under his address.

He has since declared with MOM that the workers are not staying in his house.


The man wondered what could have happened if those strangers had borrowed from loansharks or committed crimes.

The consequences would have been unimaginable for him and his family who are actually staying at that address.

Report lodged with MOM

After the frightful find, he lodged a report with MOM and contacted the foreign workers’ employers via email to notify them of the situation.

The man questioned whether the workers could have been clueless about the situation themselves.

He considered the possibility that their employers might have made the mistake instead.

Do a check with MOM website

He ended off his post by imploring Singaporeans to check for similar cases affecting their home addresses on the MOM website.

They should then notify MOM immediately if they do find strangers registered under their home addresses.

For those concerned, you can access the MOM website here.

Let’s hope that such cases won’t resurface in the future, so we can all stay in our homes with peace of mind.

Featured image from Facebook and Google Maps.