Man Feeds Hungry Stray Cat Along S’pore Road, Proves Importance Of Having Cat Food Handy

Man’s Wife Encourages Animal Lovers To Have Cat Food On Hand To Feed Strays

Picture this: you’re walking along a quiet sidewalk in Singapore at night. Just then, under the glow of the streetlamps, you spot a tiny cat huddled underneath a metal barrier.

It seems hungry but you don’t have any cat food on you. You have no choice but to sadly walk away and hope someone else feeds it.

This was the turn of events a man would have gone through recently, had it not been for the cat food his wife kept in his car.

Happy that he was able to help a pitiful feline, he snapped a photo of the cat enjoying the meal, which his wife shared on Facebook. Learning from the incident, his wife urged all animal lovers to always have cat food on hand, in case they come across a hungry cat like her husband did.

Man spots hungry cat at night & feeds it

User Eugenia McKayson shared about her husband’s experience in the Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats Facebook group on Sunday (17 Sep).

Source: Eugenia McKayson on Facebook

In the post, she briefly talked about an encounter her husband had. While he was working, he happened to come across a small, hungry tabby cat.

Source: Eugenia McKayson on Facebook

Thankfully, the OP always keeps cat food in her husband’s car, which meant that he had some on hand for the stray.

He was able to provide the kitty dinner, snapping a photo of the feline huddled under a metal barrier feasting on kibbles.

The poor tabby appeared cautious of its surroundings as it stared into the camera, likely afraid but also thankful for the food.

Animal lovers urged to keep cat food on hand to feed strays

The OP used this encounter to highlight the importance of keeping cat food on hand when one is out and about. This way, any famished community cats could “get their tummy filled”.

The cat lovers in the comments agreed, with one saying that they prepare three cans of cat food, a paper plate, and a water bowl for cats they come across. The OP jokingly claimed to “win” over them by having six cans of cat food and a bottle of dry kibbles and treats.

Source: Facebook

Another netizen goes the extra mile by keeping eye wipes for cats in their bag. This way, if any cat needs its eyes cleaned, she can help with that.

Source: Facebook

Others took pity on the hungry cat and hoped someone would adopt it.

Source: Facebook

While feeding hungry stray cats is admirable and legal, littering is not. Those who feed cats are also reminded to clean up after them so as not to attract pests.

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Featured image adapted from Eugenia McKayson on Facebook and Conscious Cat, for illustration purposes only.

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