PM Lee Knows It’s Stressful For Families Of Infected, S’pore Doing Best To Upscale Operations

S’poreans Ask PM Why MOH Takes So Long To Contact Positive Cases

As the Covid-19 community cases in Singapore continue rising, people all around us are getting infected.

It’s thus inevitable that our healthcare system will encounter some strain due to the sheer number of patients.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has acknowledged that it’s a stressful time for those whose family members are infected.


To meet the demand, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is doing their best to scale up their operations, he added.

Singaporeans have written to PM to express frustrations

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (22 Sep), PM Lee said some Singaporeans have written to him to express their frustrations.


Others have also asked him why MOH takes such a long time to contact positive cases or their families.

He empathised with them, saying,

I know this is a stressful time for those with family members who have Covid-19.

Case Management Task Group in charge of patients

To that end, Mr Lee highlighted the work of MOH’s Covid-19 Case Management Task Group (CMTG).

They’re in charge of what Covid-19 patients have to go through the minute they test positive to their recovery.


Some of the things they do include:

  1. assigning patients to appropriate care facilities
  2. arranging for transport
  3. briefing them on what they need to do, especially those on Home Recovery.

CMTG staff comprise a range of people from different backgrounds split into various teams.

However, they’re united in the same vision: “to ferry hope and reunite families”.

CMTG has demanding task

Thus, the CMTG has a “very demanding task”, the PM said.

That’s because they not only work 24/7, but in a rapidly changing situation.


The staff are also working very hard and under immense pressure to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Singapore doing best to scale up operations

Nevertheless, Singapore is doing the best to scale up our operations amid the surge in community cases.

This is so that all patients can be well cared for, PM Lee said.

He visited the CMTG on Tuesday (21 Sep), and thanked them for their dedication and tireless efforts.

Those on Home Recovery get care pack

Mr Lee also noted that fully vaccinated people who test positive for Covid-19 are encouraged to recover at home wherever possible.

Under this Home Recovery Programme, these patients will get a booklet titled “Recovering from Covid-19 at Home” to answer their burning questions.

CMTG director Vince Tan showing PM Lee the Home Recovery Programe booklet

Besides that, they also get a care pack with various items like masks, an oximeter and thermometer.

Perhaps most helpfully, there are S-hooks inside to help in contactless food delivery – the order can just be hung up on the door.


More importantly, Home Recovery is vital not just because it’s less disruptive for those infected, but it’ll also reduce demand for hospital beds.

This will reduce the strain on the hospital system and ensure those who’re seriously ill can get the treatment they need.

Stay home & stay clam

Mr Lee encouraged Singaporeans to work together to slow down the current Covid-19 wave by getting vaccinated and wearing masks properly.

There’s bound to be hiccups and exasperation when the infected aren’t attended to promptly, but if you’ve mild symptoms, do remain at home and stay calm.

The chief focus now is to get through this tough period without overwhelming our hospitals.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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