Little things men do to make their girlfriend fall head over heels for them again


Don’t be upset at your boyfriend if he did not get the memo about the Tiffany & Co. necklace you wanted.

His love for you can never be measured by any material gift he buys!

Instead of expecting what to receive from your man, why not appreciate the little things he does for you?

Here are 12 little things your boyfriend does that never fails to make your heart flutter!

1. Everyday is Valentine’s day


Regardless of whether it is Christmas, Chinese New Year or just an ordinary Monday, he doesn’t forget to tell you how much he loves you!

On special occasions, he surprises you with a peachy gerbera daisy and your favourite box of chocolates — even if it tarnishes his oh-so-cool reputation.

2. He surprises you with gifts once in a while


On big days like Valentine’s or your dating anniversary, he pampers you with fancy gifts like that new pair of Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes you have been eyeing for a long time.

Or he attempts to make a card in which he pens down his feelings but you could not help but notice the disproportionate heart he drew.

And yet, you find that cute.

3. He pays attention to the little details about your lifestyle


He knows you need your morning Starbucks fix and your after meal llao llao yogurt and he doesn’t complain about how long the queue is (probably because he wants llao llao too, but that is besides the point).

When he orders food for you he makes sure to leave out sides that you hate, not because he is avoiding a massive fit from you but because he loves you!

4. He always eats whatever you want


He lets you pick what to eat because all he wants is to eat what you want to have.

He might prefer a large plate of char kway teow from his favourite hawker stall but he will have that measly bowl of ramen you have been craving for — after all that is his idea of a perfect date!

5. He wants to feed you nonstop


Even after eating more than half of all the side dishes, he will still ask if you are hungry every time you walk past a bakery or an ice cream parlour.

He can never understand why you are full when he is offering to pay for extra food (???)

6. He does things out of his comfort zone


If he is a shy person, he would not mind doing a bizarre pose just for your entertainment (and your Instagram feed).

Or if he is a couch potato he will be up and ready for a hike with you at MacRitchie Reservoir.

The thing is he will be more than excited to be out adventuring or being a sloth with you no matter what kind of person he is!

7. He pauses his hobbies just for you


Be it a game of Fifa or Monster Hunter, he is always more than happy to put down his gaming console just to spend more time with you when you are over at his place or go on dates with you.

8. He always offers to pay on dates


You always have to be faster than him when it comes to taking out your wallet to avoid fighting over who is paying for the meal.

Except at times, you might have to pull out your wallet a little later because you forgot to bring money…

9. Pampering comes in different forms


Some men pamper their girlfriend by paying for their meals while some will download the next season of The Big Bang Theory even before she asks.

Whichever it is, don’t sweat the little things! Focus on what he does for you instead of what he does not.

10. He is your own Instagram photographer


Behind every tumblr-esque picture on your Instagram is a patient and loving boyfriend.

One could never understand why he takes pretty pictures of you knowing that tons of other males are following you on social media.

11. He lets you push him around


He will never lay a finger on you but in return you will bite his cheeks (all girlfriends do it!) and force him to give you a piggyback ride.

He lets you have your way and his love for you is enough to not press charges against you.

12. He accompanies you to places and sends you home


Need help with school work? He is there to help.

Sale at Forever 21? He is there to carry your shopping bags.

Despite how small and safe Singapore is, he will still want to send you home because he wants to spend that extra time with you.

Celebrate love!

Love manifests in different forms and there is always a reason to celebrate love and it need not just be on 14 Feb.

An article from Odyssey says that the rule of thumb when it comes to being in a relationship is the 80/20 — in a relationship you generally get about 80 percent of what you want and you do not get the other 20 percent.


Basically it is always important to focus on the 80 percent your partner puts in and not give it up when you meet someone else who will give you the other 20 percent.


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Featured image via The Smart Local
With reference to Odyssey