Singapore Style Ice Cream Sold In Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Ask Singaporeans about their preferred way of eating ice cream and chances are, they’ll say that it’s best eaten with wafer or bread.

Well, it seems like we aren’t the only ones who are fond of eating ice cream in those ways.

Chuan Tian Hand-Sliced Ice Cream (川田 手切冰淇淋), a street vendor in Kaoshiung, Taiwan sells blocks of Singapore style ice cream kiap-ed between crispy wafer biscuits.


In case you’re wondering, no, it appears that they’ve yet to discover the wonderful combination of ice cream with rainbow bread.

Ice cream wafer starting from S$2.20

Chuan Tian has a huge range of flavours available, from conventional ones like chocolate and vanilla to exotic ones like durian.


Here’s a full list of flavours, as of 16 May:

  • Swiss chocolate
  • Passionfruit
  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Vanilla
  • Durian
  • Matcha
  • Chocolate mint
  • Thai milk tea

Chuan Tian’s mascot also happens to be a cartoon Merlion, presumably to add a uniquely Singaporean touch.


That said, these ice cream wafers are significantly more expensive and costs between S$2.20 (NTD 50) and S$2.42 (NTD 55), significantly more expensive as compared to the $1 wafers we are used to.


Still sounds like the perfect treat on a hot day.

Normadic ice cream vendor

Like mobile ice cream sellers here in Singapore, Chuan Tian does not have a fixed location and moves around regularly.

If you’re keen on having Singapore style ice cream while travelling in Taiwan, check out their Facebook page, where they post updates about their locations.

We’re heartened that our local delicacies have garnered such popularity outside Singapore.

Let’s hope that our Taiwanese counterparts love it as much as we do, and we look forward to them discovering our other all-time favourite — ice cream sandwich with rainbow bread.

Featured image from Instagram and Instagram