Taxi Driver Passes Away In Bukit Panjang Driveway

Amid the pandemic, taxi drivers have been hit just about as hard as other workers, including those in the aviation and hospitality sectors.

A 62-year-old taxi driver was exiting a Bukit Panjang driveway when he suddenly fainted.

Passers-by thought something was wrong and called for an ambulance.


But after the ambulance arrived, the taxi driver was pronounced dead at the scene. It appears that they were too late.

Taxi driver passes away in seat

The incident took place at Block 548A Segar Road in Bukit Panjang on Monday (31 Aug). It was early in the morning — 6.57am.

Around that time, the yellow ComfortDelGeo taxi abruptly stopped in the driveway.

Passers-by sensed something amiss and called for an ambulance, only for paramedics to declare the man dead at the scene.

Someone who saw the incident took a picture, which shows the taxi in the driveway and a police van beside it.

Netizens urge health priority over money

Although the cause of death is unknown at this time, posts online warned about the need to prioritise health over money.


They emphasised that health is also wealth, which probably works as a general statement, not necessarily in the context of the incident.

Police investigating unnatural death

The wider context is that taxi drivers particularly struggled during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ especially.

Things may only be marginally better in Phase 2.

Indeed, health might be wealth. No matter the job, a work-life balance is important and we should learn to recognise signs of burnout or health problems when they arise.

More so in these times.

However, police are still investigating the case of unnatural death, according to Lianhe Zaobao.

MS News¬†offers our condolence to the taxi driver’s family and friends.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.