MOH Offers Free Covid-19 Test To Community Workers, Includes Delivery Riders & Taxi Drivers

Free Covid-19 Test For Delivery Riders, Private Hire Drivers

As the economy gradually reopens, there’ll be more interactions between essential workers, such as food delivery riders, with members of the public.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will offer a Covid-19 test to more community groups, they announced on Saturday (29 Aug).

Community groups to get free Covid-19 test

The community groups who’ll get the Covid-19 test include the following:

  • Taxi and private hire drivers
  • Food delivery riders
  • Vendors servicing migrant worker dormitories
  • Stallholders at hawker centres, markets, and coffeeshops


They’ll all receive the test for free, and so authorities hope that these groups will use the service.

Low risk of transmission for these groups

Testing is expanded mostly for vigilance reasons — there is no local evidence that these groups are at higher risk of infection.

Community cases are currently low, with an average of about 1-2 cases over the past 2 weeks.

However, the increased testing will allow authorities to find out how prevalent the virus is among the population, even if they’re asymptomatic or had the virus before.

Neck gaiters, bandanas cannot replace masks

MOH also responded to recent queries over what constitutes proper cover as face masks.

This comes after a bus passenger was asked to wear a proper mask by a bus captain. He was wearing a neck gaiter.

Bus Driver Gets Into Passenger Dispute Over Cloth ‘Mask’, Police Called In To Mediate

MOH clarifies in the same statement that the following do not count as proper face masks:

  • Neck gaiters
  • Bandanas
  • Scarves
  • Handkerchiefs

They said that a mask must cover the wearer’s nose and mouth completely, with no gap between the mask and face.

The makeshift coverings may not fit well on the person’s face, making them potentially inadequate for preventing the spread of disease compared to purpose-built masks.

Community should take free test

Testing used to be hard to come by in the earlier days of the pandemic. However, with testing increased rapidly together with opening,

To ensure safety and for authorities to track the virus spread in the community, taking the test for free can’t be said to be a bad thing.

Now that’s an F-word that people will probably enjoy.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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