Ex-Thai PM Thaksin Visits Beef Noodle Stall Named After Him At Harbourfront

Thaksin Was Accompanied By His Daughter Paetongtan and Sister Yingluck

Singapore has seen her fair share of high-profile politicians in 2018 alone.

Just when we thought we’ve seen the last of them, 2 ex-Prime Ministers (PMs) were seen in Singapore on Tuesday (18 Dec).

These 2 former leaders are none other than Mr Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister Yingluck Shinawatra. Both served as PMs of Thailand.

Thaksin eating Thaksin Beef Noodles

On Wednesday (19 Dec), Paetongtan Shinawatra – Thaksin’s youngest daughter – posted photos of herself, Thaksin, and Yingluck at a beef noodle hawker store on her Facebook page.


The name of the store? Thaksin Beef Noodle.

Talk about an apt name.

Jaesen Ng, the store owner, allegedly named his shop after Thaksin following his trip to Thailand some 15 years ago. Thaksin was serving as PM of Thailand back then.

According to Paetongtan’s post, Mr Ng is a big fan of Thaksin but has never had the opportunity to meet the ex-Thai PM.

That has now changed, thanks to social media.

Mr Ng allegedly held Thaksin’s hand during the encounter on Tuesday, and praised him for being Thailand’s “best PM”.

The tale of the two Shinawatras

Thaksin served as Thailand’s PM for 5 years, between 2001 and 2006.

He was ousted in 2006 following a military coup staged while he was away on an United Nations meeting in New York.

The coup was reportedly launched as a result of the government’s alleged corruption and divisive policies.

He has since lived in self-exile to avoid graft convictions against him — which he deemed politically motivated.

In 2011, Thaksin’s sister Yingluck was elected PM of Thailand.

However, the younger Shinawatra would later meet the same fate as her brother in 2014, when she was ousted by a court ruling. Yingluck’s government was later overthrown in a military coup.

Last August, Yingluck fled Thailand before the Thai Supreme Court sentenced her to 5 years in prison as a result of her negligence in mismanaging a rice subsidy scheme.

If it’s good enough for Thaksin, it’s good enough for you

Political scandals aside, do consider visiting Thaksin Beef Noodles the next time you have cravings for some good ol’ Thai beef noodles.

If it’s good enough for Thaksin, it’s probably good enough for you.


Here are the locations of its two outlets.

Location: Seah Im Food Centre
4 Seah Im Road, #01-44, Singapore 099114
Opening hours: 8.30am-9pm daily

Location: See Lam Hern Coffeeshop
449 Clementi Ave 3, #01-211, Singapore 120449
Opening hours: 10am-9.30pm daily

We’ll see you in the queues then, and maybe rub shoulders with more politicians visiting Singapore.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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