Thanos Gauntlet Cup & Avengers: Endgame Merch At Thai Cinema Make Us Salty AF

Avengers: Endgame Thanos Gauntlet Cup Comes With Hotdogs & A Drink For S$15.67

This week must be a special one for Marvel fans, as they eagerly await the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame movie.

But if you think the movie’s all that will excite you, you clearly haven’t seen some of the innovative Avengers products that companies have come up with.

SF Cinema – a movie theatre in Thailand – recently launched 4 Avengers: Endgame combo sets. They come with exciting merchandise including a Thanos Gauntlet Hotdog cup and drink cups featuring emblems of Iron-Man, Thanos and Captain America.


Here’s a closer look.

Feast on hotdog slices from Thanos’ gauntlet

The most exciting merchandise of the collection is, without doubt, the gold-plated Thanos gauntlet hotdog tray.


The container is part of the Jumbo hotdog set which costs S$15.67 (369 baht).

While it is unlikely that you’ll be able to make half the world disappear with the gauntlet,  it has a hollow interior that you can use to contain your favourite bites.


Special cups and toppers for popcorn fans

Those who die-die must have popcorn when watching a movie will also love the Avenger: Endgame merchandises that come with popcorn sets at SF Cinema.

For S$13.97 (329 baht), you’ll be able to grab a 64oz bucket of popcorn and a drink of your choice in a cup with Thanos heading it.


But if you find Thanos’ gaze overly menacing, top up S$0.42 (10 baht) to grab the Special Topper Set, which includes 1 of 7 mini figurines that you can perch atop the same cup.


For the same price, moviegoers can also grab the Totem Cup Set, which comes with cups with more subtle Avengers designs.


Ask a friend to bring it over from Thailand!

Sadly for us, these Avengers: Endgame merchandise appear to be exclusive to SF Cinemas in Thailand, so you’ll have to be there physically or ask a friend to help bring it back for you.

The good news is that SF Cinema is available at Central World, MBK Centre and Terminal 21 — popular Bangkok shopping malls that Singaporeans frequent.


You can check out a full list of SF Cinemas here.

If all else fails, try putting up a request on AirFrov to have someone else tabao it back for you!

You never know, with the right price, someone may very well bring it back for you, whatever it takes.

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