S’poreans Livestream Their Lives Non-Stop For A Week To Encourage People To Stay Home During CB

4 Singaporean Personalities Stream Their Lives Non-Stop In ‘The Quarantine’

It’s day 35 of the ‘Circuit Breaker‘ (CB). Lots of us are feeling jaded and unmotivated, and we’re counting the remaining days until it’s lifted.

In a bid to lift Singaporeans’ spirits as we tahan the remainder of the CB, local media company TheSmartLocal (TSL) has teamed up with Mediacorp in a week-long, non-stop livestream.

Featuring 4 TSL personalities, The Quarantine is essentially a live game show that’ll keep you entertained 24/7 while staying home during the CB.

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4 TSL personalities livestream their lives non-stop for 1 week

The 4 personalities – Xenia Tan, James Rainer, Chow Jia Hui, and John Lim – will be livestreaming their lives non-stop for a week straight from Monday (11 May).

Each of the 4 personalities brings something different to the table.

First, you have James Rainer — The Joker.

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Then there’s Xenia Tan, aka ‘The Fitspo’ of the bunch.

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Chow Jia Hui’s powerful pipes automatically make her ‘The Singer’.

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Last, but definitely not least, John Lim is ‘The Gamer’ — aka expect tons of random Animal Crossing references.

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They will be given individual challenges tailored for each of them, as well as joint challenges where they’ll battle it out with their fellow talents.

The challenges will be conducted by TSL’s pioneer personality, Fauzi, who will be ‘The Gamemaster’.

At the end of the week, whoever emerges victorious will receive a mystery prize courtesy of Samsung.

Play games & ask cast questions

Apart from challenges, the cast will be participating in Q&As, where they’ll answer viewers’ hard-hitting & profound queries — i.e. When is John finally BTO-ing?

That said, fans should definitely submit any of their burning questions via the comments section during the livestream directly.


During game sessions, viewers can also follow along and play the games with their family members or Circuit Breaker mates.

Score surprise gifts during mini-game segments daily

Loyal viewers who tune in regularly can also stand a chance to win prizes too. Near the end of each day’s programme, a mini-game segment will allow fans to score surprise gifts.

Remember to check the livestream’s daily schedule in the comment section to find out when the giveaway will take place.

There are different activities planned for each of the 7 days, and the giveaway timings may differ too.

Some virtual friends to share the rest of ‘Circuit Breaker’ with

Staying at home doesn’t have to be dull, and it definitely won’t be with the 4 personalities accompanying us through the next 7 days.

Through ‘The Quarantine’, TSL hopes to give Singaporeans ideas on how they can spend their time at home during the CB.

Check it out on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook. Highlights will be available on meWATCH from 6pm on Tuesday (12 May).

Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring

With the unique personalities and exciting programmes planned, The Quarantine will definitely give us ideas on how to keep ourselves occupied while at home during the CB.

Life will certainly not return to normal when the Circuit Breaker is lifted, so learning how to entertain ourselves at home might be the best way forward.

Minimising social contact is the best way to improve things right now, so let’s do our part by staying put & staying entertained in safe, socially responsible ways.

Disclosure: MS News and TheSmartLocal are companies under TSL Media.

Featured image courtesy of TheSmartLocal.

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