S’pore Rainbows Spotted During Circuit Breaker Help Us Weather The Covid-19 Storm Together

Beautiful S’pore Rainbows This ‘Circuit Breaker’ Rekindle Our Hope Amidst Covid-19

After more than 1 month of ‘Circuit Breaker’, many Singaporeans can’t help but feel increasingly bored and isolated at home. The daily 3-digit Covid-19 numbers are certainly not helping either.

While it seems like we still have a long way to go before we can restore normal life, there are still many signs of hope to keep us grounded.

These signs can take form in small acts of kindness for essential workers, grand gestures of appreciation for healthcare workers, and even rainbows after a storm.


We’ve compiled a series of rainbow sightings over this Covid-19 pandemic to give you your daily dose of positive vibes.

Singaporeans spotted rainbows across the island

The weather this May reflects the mood of many Singaporeans — rainy and dull.

Despite thundery showers, rainbows can still be seen plastered across the sky, sending a message of hope for Singaporeans during this difficult time.


An MS News reader snapped this picture on Sunday (10 May), near Furama Hotel at River Valley Road.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

One can see a faint rainbow hiding behind the high-rise buildings, in contrast with the dark clouds looming in the background.

While Singaporeans stay home during this seemingly never-ending CB, many were able to catch a glimpse of rainbows from their windows too.

An Instagram user spotted a rainbow on 13 Apr, when we were only 7 days in, bubble tea still readily available.


As the netizen states, spotting a rainbow is indeed a beautiful way to start a morning, simultaneously lifting our spirits for the next 3 weeks ahead.

Rainbows cheer us on during this pandemic

On some days, we may have felt a tad overwhelmed by alternating hot/humid days and thunderstorms, everyone’s least favourite weather combination.

Hence, the sighting of this rainbow really cheered this netizen up, on a day like 3 Apr.


While the battle against this pandemic is a daunting task, the rainbows remind us of the light at the end of the tunnel, providing us solace and strength to face the virus head-on.

Even before the ‘Circuit Breaker’, it has already been a source of comfort for Singaporeans.

This image was shared on Instagram on 11 Feb by @fireopal82, featuring a rare double rainbow.


The netizen wasn’t the only one who managed to capture this earlier occurrence in February, as seen in this photo by @teochewgirl on Instagram.


Weathering the Covid-19 storm together

While times are especially hard for many out there, we hope that these pictures can encourage you to fight on.

Like rainbows that emerge after ferocious storms, we believe Singapore can come out of this predicament stronger than before.

As long as we stick close by one another and lend our support to those around us, we certainly can weather the obstacles ahead.

Featured image adapted from Instagram.

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