Frequent May Thunderstorms In S’pore Shows ‘Circuit Breaker’ Can’t Stop Mother Nature

Frequent Thunderstorms In S’pore Till End-May With Occasional Hot & Dry Day

Tomorrow (1 May) marks the beginning of our month-long ‘Circuit Breaker’ countdown and also a gloomy May with thunderstorms for nearly two-thirds of the entire month.

According to AccuWeather, Singapore will experience 19 stormy days, with the occasional dry but gloomy ones.


Since we’ll all be at home, it looks like May will have the perfect weather to snuggle up with a good book or movie to pass time, or just nua until the ‘Circuit Breaker’ is over.

Thunderstorms happening almost every day in May

May will likely start off with relatively mild weather throughout the first week, with mostly cloudy days and a couple of rainy ones in between.


The rest of the month, however, is a completely different story.

AccuWeather predicts 9 days straight of thunderstorms from 9-17 May, followed by another 4 days of continuous gloomy showers from 19-22 May.

After that, there are another 5 consecutive days of thunder and lightning from 25-29 May. Very, very frightening, indeed!

Freddie Mercury does not approve of our pun

Time to stay at home

If the forecast turns out to be accurate, it looks like we’ll have added incentive to stay home this May.

No more ‘jogging’ without masks outside, or even midday strolls to keep us occupied — unless you’re willing to get drenched just for a chance to stretch your legs.

If you haven’t already gotten a new homebody hobby, we suggest you find one soon, before you’re stuck inside for good. Netflix has pretty good offerings these days, and if there’s a perfect time to binge-watch the entirety of Money Heist, it’s now.

After all, going to the supermarket every day isn’t advisable and there’s not much else we can do.

Take care, and don’t let the gloomy weather get you down. It’s just a month more, and we’ll all be able to tahan this, no matter how bored we get.

Featured image adapted from Flickr

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