Tekka Market’s Livestream Lets You Chiong For Freshest Fish With Market Aunties Online

Tekka Market Goes Online, You Haggle For Fresh Fish With Market Aunties At Home

It’s been ages since I last stepped into a wet market, given the current state of things, and I’m beginning to miss the damp smell of ‘fish ice’ and raw meat.

Some wet markets are still open, but the long queues and alternate-day NRIC restrictions have really taken away the authenticity of the experience. It’s just not the same when you’re not pushing your way through the crowd to see the produce up close and personal.


That said, the restrictions are in place for the better, and we should be avoiding crowds anyway.

While we might not be able physically chiong for the freshest produce, Tekka Market will be attempting to capture the hustle and bustle in live auctions for seafood & meat on Tuesday (5 May).

Jostle with local aunties for the freshest produce online

Wet markets hold a special place in many Singaporeans’ hearts. Many of us go for the best, freshest produce at affordable prices — not to mention a post-shop feast of our favourite hawker fare.


Where else would it be acceptable to contest with 60-year-old aunties for the best bunch of bayam or bargain down the price of a kilogram of pomfret?


6 famous Tekka Market stalls conduct live sales on 5 May

At least 6 stalls are participating in Tekka Online Market’s first-ever sale tomorrow (5 May). Among them are a few local favourites we’re sure you’ll recognise.

81 Sheng Yu – Seafood Auction (1.15-2.15pm)

Imagine bagging the freshest seafood – like cockles, clams, fish and prawns – perfect for an at-home steamboat dinner, all without stepping out of the house.


Janet from the famous 81 Sheng Yu, will be hawking her famous sweet snakehead, in a livestream from 1.15-2.15pm on Tuesday (5 May).

Chia’s Vegetable Supply – Fresh Produce Auction (12-1pm)

Whether it’s classics like kailan or obscure vegetables from the Netherlands, Victor from Chia’s Vegetable Supply promises to intro your fam to a wide array of juicy greens from around the world.


Just tune in from 12-1pm on Tuesday (5 May).

Haji M N Shahul Hameed Marketing – Butcher Auction (2.30-3.30pm)

If you’re a fan of lamb, you’ll definitely have heard of Mr Mustafa’s stall — Haji M N Shahul Hameed Marketing. He’s known islandwide for his quality cuts that are air-flown from Australia and New Zealand.


Catch his livestream from 2.30-3.30pm on 5 May!

Saves an actual trip to crowded wet markets

Tekka Online Market is part of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)’s new initiative.


Now that Singaporeans are discouraged from visiting crowded areas like wet markets, we can now haggle for the best prices at home.

Mark your calendars to join the livestream

From 12pm on Tuesday (5 May), Singaporeans can hop onto Tekka Online Market’s Facebook page to join the livestream where they will be showcasing fresh produce for bidding.

Customers just have to follow the instructions shared on the page to purchase their groceries.

Free deliveries for $20 grocery hauls

All payments will be made via PayNow. Following which, customers can sit back and wait for their barang-barang to be delivered.

Those who spend more than $20 will enjoy free deliveries as well — why not buy more stuff and spare yourself a trip to the market?


Small snippets of normalcy

Tekka Online Market is a little snippet of normalcy in the chaos of the ‘Circuit Breaker’.

It’s not the same, and it’ll definitely never replace the sloshing, fishy water around your feet or the fearsome cleavers being swung left and right, but we should do what we can to support small business owners.

If you’ve yet to do your marketing this week, why not pop onto their livestream tomorrow during lunch for some entertainment? After all, it could just be a sneak preview of what the future might hold for wet markets.

Featured image adapted from The HoneyCombers and Facebook.

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