Tian Ma Sells Cheap Drinks In Time For CNY Celebrations

Chinese New Year (CNY) is round the corner and many are starting to stock up on food and drinks for guests.

Some of the commonly-seen drinks are packet drinks like chrysanthemum tea and iced lemon tea. For busy Singaporean families, these drinks are life-savers when they welcome guests over.

Stocking up on them, however, may be quite a blow on your already huge budget.

Luckily, convenience store Tian Ma is having a huge CNY promotion featuring many non-alcoholic drinks like Coca-Cola and teas.

Stock up on drinks for CNY

Visiting countless relatives’ houses while braving the humidity will surely leave you thirsty for some refreshing beverage.

Tired guests will appreciate you for providing them with 100 Plus, which will provide a boost of electrolytes for them to run from house to house during the festive season.

Herbal drinks like winter melon tea and chrysanthemum tea, on the other hand, will please your more traditional aunts and uncles.

You’ll probably get extra brownie points for serving them since Chinese New Year treats are often ‘heaty’.

The packet drinks are going at $1.95 for a pack of 6 and $5.95 for 4 packs.

Diehard Pokka fans, rejoice as packet drinks from Pokka will also be available, and 4 packs of green tea, oolong tea and more will be yours at $6.95. You can’t go wrong with these ever-popular drinks.

Head down to Tian Ma stores

With Tian Ma’s sales, you’ll be able to buy drinks for even your most distant cousin without breaking the bank.

The sale will go on until 24 Jan but may end earlier if stocks run out, so hurry over soon!

You can check which outlet is the nearest to you in the poster:


All images courtesy of Tian Ma Group unless stated otherwise.
Featured image adapted from Facebook, Pexels and ANCHORVALE SUPERMART.