TianPo Jewellery Sale In Chinatown Has 50% Discount Plus 10% More For 2 Items

If you happen to be in Chinatown recently, you might come across some excitement over at People’s Park Complex.

It would probably be coming from a group of people queuing up outside TianPo Jewellery, which is apparently holding a closing down sale.


The store is slashing the price of its 916 gold, and at last count, it’s down to $77 per gram.

Queue in front of TianPo Jewellery Chinatown

On Saturday (6 Feb), a netizen posted on the 走,新加坡 (Walk, Singapore) Facebook group that he was in Chinatown “going to a jewellery store to queue up”

He then posted photos of what appears to be TianPo Jewellery’s outlet in People’s Park Complex.


A staff member can be seen managing the queue at the entrance.

Outlet closing down after 30 years

In the windows, large signs in English and Mandarin proclaim “Closing Down Sale”, and “regardless of cost, all must be cleared”.


In smaller letters, the sign also thanked customers for their support over 30 years.

Which means that the outlet is apparently closing after 30 years of business.

Price of 916 gold down to $77/g

Another large sign advertises what must be an enticing offer for bargain hunters.


The branch is selling 916 gold at $77 per gram.

And as the numbers seem to be replaceable, there’s also a possibility that the price might go down further.

Perhaps if you visit the store in future, the price might be different.

This seemed to be confirmed by a netizen who posted on Tuesday (2 Mar) that she went down for a sale at TianPo.

She confessed that she couldn’t resist getting something, as the day before (1 Mar), the 916 gold was going for $78.50 per gram.


If it was $78.50/g on 1 Mar, and $77/g on 6 Mar, what would the price be in future?

50% discount plus 10% more for 2 items

Another offer that could be seen from the photos is that the Chinatown store is seemingly offering a 50% discount.


Customers who buy 2 items will even get an additional discount of 10%.

An offer too good to refuse?

It’s sad that TianPo’s closing down its Chinatown outlet after so many years, but we guess Covid-19 has hit jewellery stores hard.

So if you’re into jewellery and have cash to spare, TianPo’s offer may be one you can’t refuse. You’ll also be helping them clear their stock.

And even if you’re not into jewellery, now may be the time to get something for a loved one who is.

Just be prepared for a queue when you get down to Chinatown.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.