Jewellery Store In Bugis Junction Has Pokémon-Themed Wedding Bands Featuring Pikachu & Eevee

Venus Tears Jewellery In Bugis Junction Offers Pokémon Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings

We never knew that you could literally wear Pokémon merch in sickness and in death till today.

Venus Tears Jewellery in Bugis Junction, who carries bridal rings from Japan, has launched Pokémon-themed wedding bands and engagement rings. The rings are official Nintendo products that can last for a lifetime.

We hope these rings can help you catch the long-awaited ‘I do!’.

Pokémon engagement rings

Brides-to-be can get engaged, Pokémon-style, thanks to these Pikachu engagement rings.

We hope that you’ll be as happy as this Pikachu cradling a diamond while imagining the next chapter of your life. This Pokémon Solitaire Ring features two diamonds from $1119.


This next ring, featuring a kawaii union of a male and female Pikachu will grab the hears of Pikachu fans. This golden power couple ring also costs $1199.


Those who prefer an engagement ring with an adorable golden Pikachu should check out this Pikachu 3D ring from $1849. We bet Pikachu’s smiling face can help you conquer the ups and downs of your marriage.


Pokémon wedding bands

Couples can wear Pokémon wedding bands to prove their love for the fandom and their relationship.

This Pokeball wedding band will accurately depict your lifelong commitment to be a team for $999 each. Male Pikachu has an iconic lightning bolt tail while female Pikachu has a heart-shaped tail.


You can easily keep the spark alive through this Pikachu engagement ring with a jagged electric bolt pattern for the man’s ring. The female’s ring has a cute heart-shaped tail with a sparkling miniature diamond for $999 each.


Alternatively, you can opt for an Eevee wedding band. The ring’s etchings echo Eevee’s evolution types like Fire, Ice, Psychic and Dark. The three diamonds make it a classic and timeless piece from $999 each.


Whenever you have a problem, you don’t have to go at it alone. This Pokéball wedding band will represent a couple’s dedication to keep each other in their Pokéhearts. Each going for $749.


Available in Venus Tears Jewellery

The Pokémon wedding bands and engagement rings are available from Venus Tears Jewellery in Bugis Junction.

Interested customers can view their engagement rings and wedding bands from their website. Prices start at $749 which seems like a reasonable price for a ring that could last for a lifetime.

The store is most conveniently located at Bugis Junction.

Venus Tears Jewellery
Address: 200 Victoria St, #01-22/22A Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11am to 10pm
Contact Number: +65 6250 9962
Website: Venus Tears Jewellery

They also have outlets at JEM, Tampines One, United Square, and AMK Hub.

Have you ever seen a Pokémon-themed proposal or wedding? Share your stories in the comments!

Featured image from Venus Tears Jewellery. 

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