Woman Finds Engagement Ring At TradeHub 21 Carpark Near Jurong East

Like wedding rings, engagement rings are just as special as they signify a serious promise and commitment.

Unfortunately, it looks like someone might have lost hers at TradeHub 21 carpark right outside popular eatery Obar.

A woman named Ms Valerie chanced upon the precious jewellery, and is currently seeking its lost owner.


She posted her finding at Singapore Lost & Found group yesterday (15 Aug). But, she hasn’t received any word from the owner till now.

Engagement ring found TradeHub 21 carpark in Jurong

Ms Valerie said she had just parked at TradeHub 21’s open air carpark near OBar at about 2pm yesterday.


She spotted the ring on the floor as she was alighting from the car. After opening the car door, she found the ring at her feet in the soil.


As she is a newly married woman, she said she couldn’t imagine losing her engagement ring.

The poor girl must be frantically looking for it too.

Ms Valerie said she was a big believer in karma.

If I happen to lose mine one day, I hope for someone to find it and return it too.

Hope the ring gets reunited with its owner

If you believe the engagement ring is yours, or belongs to someone you know, you can message Ms Valerie here.

Losing something as expensive as a ring must be a devastating experience. We do hope that the ring will be reunited with its owner soon.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Jurong.sg.