Tiger Beer Aims To Raise $300K To Save Local F&Bs, Get 2 Free Beers If You Contribute $10

Tiger Beer Launches ‘Support Our Local F&B’ Initiative To Help Over 450 Local F&B Outlets

Many industries – especially those proffering customer-facing services such as aviation and tourism – have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As we still need our 3 square meals a day, one might think that the ever-essential F&B industry would fare better. But the industry has likewise been dealt a serious blow.

Despite calls to dabao food more often, coupled with a greater demand for food delivery services, 88% of restaurants responded in Channel NewsAsia’s survey that they might not survive the month if the situation persists.

Bearing in mind the recent Circuit Breaker extension, we could be looking at permanent F&B closures for vulnerable stores.

So here’s how we can contribute in a small way to ensure our local F&B businesses can weather this storm.

Helping affected coffeeshops tide over Covid-19 crisis

To ensure this grim scenario never comes to pass, homegrown beer brand Tiger has launched a ‘Support Our Local F&B’ initiative as part of the #SupportOurStreets Campaign.

The campaign aims to help the local F&B community – coffee shops, food courts, bars, pubs & restaurants – tide through the economic shockwaves of Covid-19.

From now till 31 May, you can make unlimited $10 contributions to support the local F&B scene in Singapore.

Image courtesy of Tiger

All proceeds are collated weekly to assist more than 450 participating F&B outlets, with more joining in the weeks to come.

2 free beers for those who contribute $10

Although the local beer brand understands that contributions are altruistic, they still wish to reward those who join the initiative for their goodwill.

Each contribution allows one to receive a digital drink voucher good for 2 beers.

Participants will be able to redeem either the standard Tiger Beer or Tiger Crystal from F&B outlets once when they reopen.


This also helps encourage footfall and support the outlets’ restart and revival, once the Circuit Breaker is lifted.

Start the ball rolling with your beer kakis

Tiger has started the ball rolling by jump-starting the fund by pledging $100,000 to the cause. A care package is also in the works for their F&B partners, once businesses are restarted again.

If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so here.

The best part is, you can look forward to 2 bottles of beer to share with your kopitiam kakis after the crisis has abated.

Cheers to our food heroes

We’re sure many of us are still recovering from islandwide closures of McDonald’s outlets and bubble tea chains.

It’s almost unthinkable to imagine what would happen if our favourite restaurants, bars and heartland kopitiams become permanent casualties in this Covid-19 health crisis.

Hopefully, Tiger’s meaningful initiative will be able to raise ample funds and help us extend our full support to our local food heroes.

This post is written in collaboration with Tiger.

Featured image adapted from MS News & Twitter.

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