Lonely Singapore Airlines Planes Queue Up In Desert To Await Triumphant Return To The Skies

Singapore Airlines Shifts Planes To Australian Desert To Preserve Aircraft Integrity

Of all the industries hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, the aviation industry has been dealing with the aftermath of global travel bans & a declining demand for air travel.

So where do all the planes go when they’re grounded indefinitely?

This heartbreaking image of 20 airplanes parked in Alice Springs, Northern Australia aptly shows the extent of the impact.


Mr Steve Strike uploaded a beautiful Facebook album on Monday (4 May) titled ‘Global Parking Lot’ to showcase how planes were lined up in a remote desert due to the travel ban.


Here’s why they’ll be there indefinitely till the airlines is given the all-clear to resume business as usual.

Singapore planes holidaying in Australian desert

For our national carrier Singapore Airlines, recent humid weather & frequent local thunderstorms aren’t ideal climate conditions to house aircraft.


The crimson grounds of the Australian desert are intended to be their resting places till the health crisis abates.


Picturesque global parking lot for grounded planes

The expansive ‘parking lot’ is located in the picturesque town of Alice Springs, somewhere in between Darwin & Adelaide.


We can also observe from the pictures that the planes are lined up, nose to tail, in close proximity with each other to maximise space.


We also spotted Scoot planes in the mix, parked near largest SQ aircraft.


The OP shared that there’s an “expansion program underway” to accommodate up to “100 aircraft” in the near future.


Global fans send supportive messages to SQ

In the meantime, netizens have sent their messages of support to the world-famous air carrier, calling the pictures “magnificent”.


Some also commented that the collection of planes looks surreal and almost ‘toy-like’.


To lighten the mood, a netizen wondered if the engines were covered to prevent stray dogs from “sleeping in there”.


Awaiting SQ’s triumphant return to the skies

Singapore Airlines’ illustrious track record has been built upon years of hardwork since its inception in 1947.

73 years later, no one could have imagined that entire fleets of spacious planes would be grounded indefinitely due to a global health crisis.

And as we await their maiden flights after the Covid-19 health crisis, we can be thankful that the planes will be kept in tip top condition.

Till then, our nation will continue to anticipate the day SQ will make its triumphant return to the skies once again.

Featured image adapted from Steven Strike on Facebook.

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