We Tried A Hair Loss Prevention Treatment & Walked Out Stress-Free With Fresher Scalp

We Tried A Hair Loss Prevention Treatment & Walked Out Stress-Free With Fresher Scalp

Topp Care Hair Solutions Has Customised Treatments For Healthier Scalp & Tresses

Now that most of Singapore has returned to WFO, we must start caring about looking presentable in front of colleagues and clients again. No more faceless Zoom meetings with your usual bedhead.

Work returning to full swing could also mean more stress, which may adversely affect our hair and scalp health, potentially causing thinning tresses.

Of course, this is precisely the opposite of what we all want: a thick and smooth head of hair. For those who are worried about hair or scalp problems and want to achieve the mane of their dreams, Topp Care Hair Solutions is here to help.

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Using only safe and natural ingredients, their team of certified hair loss specialists will pamper you with a comprehensive treatment customised to your concerns.

Here’s what you can expect during a typical sesh at Topp Care.

One-on-one consultation to pinpoint hair woes

At a glance, you may not look like you have any hair issues on the outside. However, a quick scan of your scalp, which literally zooms into the root of any problems, might reveal some pretty harsh truths.

I’m not gonna lie — it can be a pretty humbling experience sitting in that chair and watching the condition of your crown get magnified 200 times and projected on a monitor in front of you.

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But now that they’ve got a clearer picture of what they’re dealing with, their hair loss specialists – certified by the US Trichology Institute – will be able to assess and recommend the best and most effective treatment for your hair and scalp concerns.

As the old saying goes, “Know thy enemy.”

In my case, I learned that I have an oily scalp, clogged pores, and thinning hair. This leads my specialist to ask if I’ve been feeling stressed, if I have a habit of staying up late, or if I eat a lot of oily and spicy food — all factors that could potentially trigger these troubles.

After flashing a couple more close-up images and explaining more about my hairy – or in my case, not-so-hairy – situation, she recommends me the Detoxdren Scalp Treatment.

This will help remove excess sebum on the scalp that could cause hair loss, therefore improving hair growth.

Now that I know exactly what I’m battling up there, I am raring to get started.

Hair mask that targets different concerns

With that, the specialist ushers me to a booth in a quiet corner to commence the treatment. This is where all the magic happens.

First, she sprays a deep cleansing essence all over my scalp to soften it and remove blockage and dirt from the pores. Next, she applies the Detoxdren hair mask, which regulates sebum production and removes any blockage or dirt around the pores.

While the treatment process is essentially the same across the board, you might get a different mask blend depending on your hair or scalp concerns.

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The Detoxdren mask concoction consists of two key ingredients — yeast extract to aid in accelerating hair growth, and horse chestnut seed extract to provide natural protection against harmful UV rays while promoting blood circulation in the scalp.

The specialist then leaves the mask to sit for about 20 minutes, giving my pores ample time to drink it all in. Before long, my entire scalp becomes enveloped in a very nice and cooling sensation.

When that’s done, I head to a hair-washing station to have the mask rinsed and shampooed out.

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Here’s a pro tip: never use your fingernails to scrub your head while shampooing, no matter how satisfying it may feel. Instead, use the cushy pads of your fingertips to avoid damaging the scalp.

Enjoy a pampering scalp massage

Before blow-drying, the specialist spritzes a generous amount of hair moisturiser on my damp locks to protect them from the potentially damaging heat from the hairdryer.

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This is followed by the careful application of a lotion, which promotes hair growth, and a stimulating scalp massage to boost absorption and activate blood circulation.

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This gives you the perfect opportunity to sit back, close your eyes, and relax as the specialist expertly kneads your head with firm fingers. I may or may not have dozed off for a minute or two.

If you happen to be bogged down by stress before the treatment, you might even be able to feel it dissipate bit by bit with each skilful squeeze of the scalp.

For the final step of the treatment, the specialist pulls out a complex-looking device that looks like a prop from a science fiction film.

It’s actually a Hair Growth infrared machine, and its function is simple — to energise and awaken hair follicles, as well as regulate and stimulate hair growth.

While the Detoxdren mask wrapped my head in a cooling sensation earlier, this apparatus emits a comforting warmth. After about 20 minutes of basking under its crimson rays, the treatment is finally complete.

Visible results after just one session at Topp Care

To demonstrate what a difference just one treatment session can make, the hair specialist does a post-treatment scan of my scalp.

The close-ups show a much cleaner and healthier-looking scalp, with pore-clogging sebum all eradicated and follicles opened up, allowing better hair growth.

Even the existing hair strands appear thicker, having drawn in plenty of nutrients from the various products applied throughout the session.

Before and after hair treatment
Images courtesy of Topp Care Hair Solutions

While it’s nice seeing such clear results with my own eyes, I can feel my scalp more refreshed even without a post-treatment hair and scalp scan. I also find myself feeling a lot more relaxed, thanks to the massage.

While one session was enough to make a difference, the number of treatments you’ll need for optimal results depends on the condition of your hair and scalp.

Sign up to enjoy Topp Care hair loss prevention treatment at S$40

Besides the Detoxdren Scalp Treatment, there are many other options available at Topp Care Hair Solutions to address different hair and scalp needs, whether it’s dandruff, greying hair, or damaged locks.

For more information on their services, visit their website here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest promos.

And here’s how you can get to the treatment centre:

Topp Care Hair Solutions
Address: 3 Simei Street 6, #03-24, Eastpoint Mall, Singapore 528833
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (weekdays), 10am – 7pm (weekends)
Nearest MRT: Simei station

Speaking of promotions, if you’re looking to take that first step towards a healthy scalp and hair, we’ve got a great deal you won’t want to miss.

Topp Care Hair Solutions offers first-time customers a Hair Loss Prevention Treatment at just S$40 (U.P. S$309), along with a complimentary hair and scalp analysis and hair care kit. This will be the perfect opportunity to try their services out for yourself.

To sign up, fill in the form here.

Our tresses deserve the best

Your hair is often referred to as your crowning glory. Therefore, it’s only fitting to give it – and yourself – a pampering treatment to ensure you look your very best.

Having a good hair day often starts with the condition of your scalp.

So to address any hair-raising matters, you’ll have to start by examining the root of the problem — in my case, it was an oily scalp that needed a good thorough cleansing.

By leaving your scalp and locks in the right hands, you can look forward to being showered with compliments when you show up to your next meeting at the office.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Topp Care Hair Solutions.

Featured image by MS News.

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