You Can Request For TraceTogether Data To Be Delinked, Will No Longer Be Part Of Contact Tracing

Users Can Ask For TraceTogether Data To Be Unlinked From App Or Token

Late last year, a high adoption rate for TraceTogether was listed as a key requirement for Singapore to move into Phase 3 of reopening.

All S’pore Public Places To Use TraceTogether By End Dec, Get The App Or Token Soon

However, many have since highlighted privacy concerns regarding the system, one of which involves the duration which the users’ data will be stored for.

Turns out, Singaporeans can request for their TraceTogether identification data to be deleted by following a few simple steps.


This works both for the TraceTogether app and physical token.

How to request for TraceTogether data to be unlinked

Those using the TraceTogether app can request for their data to be dissociated by simply emailing and providing them with their registered mobile number.


Others using the physical token would have to return it altogether.


To begin the process, owners would have to email and provide the last 4 characters of their NRIC, FIN, or Passport Number.

Folks from the TraceTogether team will then get in contact with the token holders and advise them on how to return it.

Upon completing the process, vital information like contact number, identification details, and user ID will be deleted from the TraceTogether server.

Essentially, the data that the user’s device had previously exchanged with other devices would be ‘rendered meaningless’ as there are no individuals to ‘associate’ it with.

There is, however, one scenario where the request cannot be processed — when the user had already been identified as a Covid-19 patient and his or her data had been uploaded onto the Government servers.

For more information, check out TraceTogether’s website here.

Data will only be shared with MOH for contact tracing

Folks from TraceTogether, however, remind members of the public that their data will only be shared with MOH for contract tracing purposes.

Users may also be required to upload their TraceTogether information by the police in situations where “citizen safety and security” is or was affected.

This data will reportedly help the police with their criminal investigation.

On Tuesday (5 Jan), Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said in parliament that the police will only request for such data in the case of “very serious offences”.

To date, TraceTogether data had been used once by the police to investigate a murder case, reported TODAY.

A challenge for contact tracers if this becomes the norm?

Though the TraceTogether app and token were designed to assist with contact tracing efforts, it’s heartening to know that users can still request for their identification data to be erased for whatever reasons.

Will this pose a challenge for contact tracers if more users opt for their data to be wiped? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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