Golden Village To Sell How To Train Your Dragon Bottles On 24 Jan In SG

Toothless Popcorn Bucket Available On AirFrov In Singapore

Young or old, we all love a good animated movie, especially one with epic battles or heartwarming stories.

But there’s a special place reserved in our hearts for this gummy but fearsome creature in the tear-jerking movie franchise about a boy and his pet dragon, Toothless.

With the third and final installment of How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World hitting local cinemas on 31 Jan, you’d want to end the trilogy on a high.


And what better way to do that than with these absolutely adorable merch – massive popcorn buckets & dragon fizzy drink bottles.

All Golden Village cinemas in Singapore will be carrying the bottles, while the popcorn buckets will be available via Airfrov.

Here’s exactly how to get your hands on them.

Open-mouth popcorn bucket

You can coo over Toothless in all his infant-like cuteness every time you open his mouth to retrieve a popcorn kernel from this bucket.


Glad they found a fun use for his retractable toothless mouth.


More on how to order them on Airfrov later.

Dragon bae bottles

If you’ve seen the trailer for the third movie, you’d notice an elegant, blue-eyed white dragon.

The Light Fury to Toothless’ Night Fury, she closely resembles Toothless and is his new dragon GF.


The dragons won’t be the only ones finding their soulmates in the theatres — besides, identical couple shirts are so 10 years ago.


Get a set with your bae so you can be that extra couple with the matchy cups at the movie screening.

Dragons have landed in Singapore

How. To. Get. These. Dragons.

Simply book your combo online when you get your movie tickets at any Golden Village (GV) outlet in Singapore.

A Light Fury or Night Fury bottle, regular soft drink and large popcorn combo will cost you S$14.50. GV members get $1 off too!

Cheaper in Malaysia at $11/bottle

But if you’re thinking of saving some dollars for Chinese New Year, you can buy these cuties just across the causeway.

Did someone say cheaper? 

MBO cinemas across Malaysia are offering special How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World combos.

  • Single combo: Toothless/Light Fury bottle filled with soft drink + 1 bag of popcorn — S$11.04 (RM33.50)
  • Share combo: 2 Toothless/Light Fury bottles filled with soft drink + 1 bag of popcorn — S$21.75 (RM66)


They only have the bottles and not the popcorn bucket though, so do keep that in mind. The bottles are available at these cinemas in Johor Bahru, and 19 other cinemas across Malaysia:

  • KSL City Mall
  • Skudai U Mall
  • Square One Batu Pahat
  • Heritage Mall Kota Tinggi
  • Kluang Mall, Kluang

Popcorn bucket available on Airfrov

The popcorn bucket launches in Taiwan at Vieshow Cinemas on Friday (18 Jan), so you might want to fly there if you’re itching to get it first.

Image courtesy of Airfrov

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the merch, try online marketplace Airfrov.

State the price you’re willing to pay for the products and they’ll travel to get them for you once there are enough buyers.

Image courtesy of Airfrov

The average price for the Toothless popcorn bucket exclusive to Taiwan for now, is currently S$45.

For the lucky ones already headed to Taiwan, you can get either product for just S$19.30 (NT$439) in the following sets in Vieshow Cinemas:

  • Set A — Toothless Popcorn Bucket + 2 Medium Drinks
  • Set B — Medium Popcorn + 1 Medium Drink + 1 Night Fury/Light Fury Bottle

A dragon to call your own

Now go forth and train your dragons to feed you snacks throughout the entire movie.

Your tummy will be most thankful indeed.

Featured image from Airfrov and Golden Village on Facebook.

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