Vidfish App Lets You Fangirl Over Chinese Korkors From Popular Idol Dramas

Vidfish App To Binge-Watch Popular Chinese Dramas

Korean drama may be all the buzz, but not every TV drama lover may have a taste for oppas and unnies.

Take a turn into the land of the Dragon with Vidfish, an online streaming app for Chinese dramas. The 2 dramas may look the same, but beyond pastel-coloured poster appearances, you’ll find themes, characters and plots different enough to give you a distinct TV drama experience.

Still, one thing is for sure — the Chinese korkors and jiejies, with their quirks, charm and silly smiles, will give you new idols to chase in your bedtime dreams.

My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression
Image from Vidfish

A bazaar of Chinese blockbusters

From romance, comedy and claptrap period dramas to mystery, history and science fiction fantasies, Vidfish has them all. We pick out some favourites for you.

Recommendation 1 – My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression

We’ve all thought about immortality at some point of our lives. But ever imagined what it would be like to have family or friends who will long outlive you? “My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression” takes us into the life of a girl who falls in love with a genetically-modified, age-defying boy.

Image from Vidfish

To shake things up, she ends up having a child with him. If you’re a true dilettante of TV drama, you may have an idea of where this is heading.

Watch the trailer here.

Recommendation 2 – Flipped

Everyone dreams of teleportation — especially on working days. You get to sleep past 20 snoozes, skip the MRT morning mash, and after work, you have the godsend gift of zipping straight home to bed. If only. “Flipped” is one TV show that will put into picture all those desperate dreams of teleportations.


Qi Xun, a cold, but nonetheless charming, CEO of a construction company has the envious ability of teleporting to places just by looking at pictures of them. The downside is, he gets a terrible headache every time he teleports. Lucky for him, he meets a girl with the ability to cure him. But like all TV romances, the more they discover, the further their happy ending strays.

Watch the trailer here.

Recommendation 3 – Cambrian Period

Unlike its name, this show isn’t a documentary about the explosion of life on earth some 500 million years ago — also known as the Cambrian Period. This Cambrian Period is set on a tax-free, visa-free island called Jampuvipa Island.


Tang Ying is a struggling actress who decides to start life afresh on Jampuvipa Island. Little does she know that the island is a haven for criminal activity. The adventurous girl somehow finds herself entangled in a rivalrous conflict — on one side, a masked assassin and on the other, a police commissioner.

Watch the trailer here.

No ads & no lag for non-stop streaming

If streaming services are going to keep their customers, they’d better not puncture their shows with pockets of lengthy, no-brainer advertisements. Thankfully, Vidfish abides by this cardinal rule.


The no-ads, no-lag, high-definition streaming means you can sink into your sofa with chips, cans and a cuddly cushion and never get up till your mother comes pounding at the door.

But give her a glimpse of the stars onscreen and one day, she might be hooked all the same as you are.

Image from Vidfish

A gateway into C-drama paradise

The Vidfish App can be fished – sorry, we just had to – from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Tap it open and you’ll find yourself greeted by a sardine-packed plethora of TV shows and movies.

Entrance fee into the C-drama dynasty starts at a reasonable S$5.42 (US$3.99) per month.

Multi-language subs and 30-day trial period

Not everyone scored an A1 or A2 for Chinese. That’s okay, because Vidfish has subtitles for everyone — just as long as you’re not speaking a made-up language.

There’s also a trial period of 30 days for you to test the waters. And by test the waters, we mean, finish a full 30-plus episode series. One episode per lazy night, perfect.


So prepare your throne and take-home dinner with ice cream on the side, because the Chinese korkors are here to steal your nights.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Vidfish.

Featured image from Cdramabase, Amino Apps and Vidfish.

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