Visitors Trapped Behind Coney Island Gates After 7pm, Security Guard Frees Them Within The Hour

Large Group Of Visitors Trapped On Coney Island After Gates Close

Coney Island is a popular spot for scenic walks and bike rides. But a lesser-known fact is that the gates are closed and locked at 7pm — the park’s closing time.

In a video originally shared on Sunday (23 Jan), a large group of visitors was seen stuck on Coney Island after the gates were shut in the evening. At least 12 visitors were apparently trapped behind the metal gates as a result.


Thankfully, park security arrived promptly within the hour and ‘freed’ the visitors.

At least 12 visitors trapped behind Coney Island gates

On Sunday (23 Jan), a TikToker shared a video of visitors trapped on Coney Island after its closure. The video was later reposted on Facebook group

Around 12 people were seen standing behind the metal gates waiting to be freed, including a family with young children.

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Aptly, and rather hilariously, Jackie Cheung (张学友) song ‘我等到花儿也谢了’, started playing in the background. The iconic lyrics ‘I’ve been waiting till the flowers have withered’, was heard blasting from a speaker.

The video later pans to a notice on the gate which informed visitors that Coney Island Park is closed from 7pm-7am daily.

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It also stated that all visitors are to leave by 7pm and that no one is allowed to remain in the park.

This is not the first incident of visitors being trapped behind locked gates at Coney Island.

Coney Island Gates Are Locked At 7PM, Plan Your Hikes Well Before Sunset

Last August, Pasir Ris Neighbourhood Police Centre reminded the public of the park’s opening hours after receiving a distress call from a couple trapped on Coney Island.

Coney Island opening hours exist to protect rich biodiversity

Responding to MS News‘ queries, National Parks Board (NParks) group director Mr Chia Seng Jiang said they are aware of the incident.

While they didn’t disclose the date of the incident, the NParks spokesperson said some visitors were unable to exit Coney Island Park after the gates closed at 7pm.

Within the hour, park security apparently arrived and opened the gates for them to exit.

Coney Island is rich in biodiversity, including some critically endangered flora and fauna.

Because of this, the park is not artificially lighted and is hence closed to the public from 7pm to 7am.

The closure also allows nocturnal wildlife to have a natural environment to thrive in.

NParks reiterated that it is not safe for visitors to explore the island after 7pm as they might get lost or “put themselves at risk”.

The agency reminds all public visitors to respect the opening hours of parks and to adhere to advisories stated on-site for their own safety.

More information on Coney Island Park and proper park etiquette can be found on NParks’ website here.

Always remember to check parks’ opening hours

Thankfully, this incident was nothing more than a minor inconvenience for the trapped visitors.

However, the dangers of being trapped in an unlit park after dark are ever-present.

So the next time you visit Coney Island Park, or any park in genearal, do remember to take note of their opening hours.

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