Couple Questions Presence Of Wet Cement In Woodlands Carpark

Accidents and scrapes may not be uncommon for many, but pregnant women have to be particularly careful.

Unfortunately, a couple on a motorbike found themselves on the wrong end of a trail of wet cement at a carpark located in Woodlands on 3 Apr.

Both of them suffered scrapes.

The man later complained about the pile of wet cement, remarking on why it was in the middle of the carpark in the first place.

Couple on motorbike slips on wet cement at Woodlands carpark

In a video shared by SG Road Vigilante and, a man can be heard talking about a patch of wet cement in a carpark.

According to the OP, this carpark is at Block 626A Woodlands Drive 52.


The man can be heard asking what is going on with the wet cement that it can be left unattended.

He then goes on to say in Mandarin that of course a motorbike would slip given the surface.

Those coming up the ramp would be unlikely to spot the cement due to there being a blind spot, perhaps until it’s too late.

But the worst part for him is the fact that the cement was left there with zero supervision, although he has no idea who’s responsible.

Pregnant woman suffered scrapes on leg

Later, the video cuts to a shot of his wife’s leg, which suffered some scrapes during the fall.


The man then shows some scraps he received as well, mainly on his pants and hand.


Then he once again questions the presence of the wet cement at the carpark.

Unfortunate accident

MS News has reached out to Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council for more information.

Perhaps there was an oversight or spill with regard to the cement, but the right thing to do might have been to cordon the area off.

Without such a cordon as well as a possible blind spot, the cement might be an accident waiting to happen.

We hope that the cement was cleaned and that if such incidents happen, that proper steps are taken to minimise any accidents.

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Featured image adapted from YouTube.