Wingstop Teases 3 Elusive Fried Chicken Flavours, Netizens Decrypt Hints To Try Them Early

Wingstop Hidden Flavours Menu Debuts In Cryptic Fashion

Dropping clues on the internet can go 2 ways. Either it gets lost in the sea of information or spreads like wildfire.

So, when Wingstop teased 3 brand new flavours across their social media platforms, speculation was rife after netizens quickly caught wind of it.

Channelling their inner Sherlock Holmes, netizens successfully cracked the code to the names of these flavours, after decrypting a slew of clues littered across feeds on social media.

Netizens decrypt the code to unlock Wingstop’s hidden menu

As legend has it, Wingstop fans have devised their own flavour combinations over the years, with many requesting these concoctions discreetly in neighbourhood outlets.

But netizens quickly noticed that something was up, when they were tasked to “Order Hidden Flavours” via clues left around Singapore.

Image courtesy of Wingstop

Other than wildly speculating about the names to request for the flavours at outlets directly, this particular user tried “The Jungkook Jamboree” only to come up empty.

Image courtesy of Wingstop

That’s also when hardcore wing enthusiasts, or wingsiders as they’re known in certain circles, took a crack at solving the code to unlocking the secret menu at Wingstop.


These included influencers like @17midgets and @sm0ljing who were dropping cryptic – and downright hilarious – hints about the elusive fried chicken flavours.


FYI, though they’ve never officially made it to the menu till now, some combos such as Garlic Parmesan x Lemon Pepper – favoured by legions of fans – are whispered over Wingstop countertops worldwide.

Anywho, by 15 Nov, it seemed like the mystery had quickly been solved and Wingstop officially launched their Hidden Flavours menu in stores. We unpack the 3 elusive remixes below.

‘Hidden Flavours’ menu combines classics like Buffalo & Lemon Pepper

Kicking off the proceedings, we have Cajun BBQ – a mix of the classic Hickory Smoked BBQ flavour with a dash of Cajun seasoning – a key ingredient in Wingstop’s top-selling Lousiana Rub.


This combination is a testament to the spice-loving New Orleans natives where it takes heavy inspiration from.

Next, for those who can’t live without their flavour combinations, we have Buffalo Lemon. Combining the tang of Texas Buffalo and the saliva-conjuring Lemon Pepper, this new marriage of flavours is a zesty dream duo to say the least.


Last but not least, Lemon Parmesan. This unlikely pairing will make its official debut, combining the fan-favourite Garlic Parmesan with a layer of buttery and zesty Lemon-y goodness.

Hidden Flavours Wingstop sets for the fam from $12.95

Now that the cat is out of the bag, you can get to ordering the new flavours through the limited edition Flavour Remixes menu.

À la carte or in a combo, have it your way by mixing and matching 2 of the 3 new flavours in your order.

wingstopImage courtesy of Wingstop

The Flavour Remixes Combo ($12.95) includes:

  • 4 Classic wings
  • 4 Boneless wings
  • 1 Large Louisiana Voodoo Fries
  • 1 Ranch Dip

You’ll also get a cup of Coke to wash down the satisfying meal.


Alternatively, if you have a big socially distanced party in the works, you can essentially double the number of wings & opt for a Flavour Box Bundle ($40.95), which includes:

  • 8 Classic Wings
  • 16 Boneless Wings
  • 1 Large Voodoo Fries
  • 1 Large Curly Fries
  • 1 Large Seasoned Fries
  • 3 Ranch Dips
  • 3 Regular Drinks

Besides getting more bang for your buck with this bundle, you’ll also get to taste all 3 of the Hidden Flavours – aka no more having to pick favourites.

Tl;dr: Stop drooling over the idea of digging into fried chicken and start planning ahead for festive feasts with the fam. You can order the Flavour Remixes Box Bundle on the official Wingstop website or via FoodPanda.

Fried chicken is life

Singaporeans are notorious for their love of all things new and secret in the food world. We’re always down to try the latest trends, even if it’s just for the experience or to proclaim that we’ve “been there and done that”.

The elusive reveal of Wingstop’s secret flavours truly adds another layer of mystery to the FOMO we’re facing as self-proclaimed wingsiders.

For those who’re quick to the punch & have already tried the secret menu, we’d love to hear your reviews in the comments below.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Wingstop.

Featured image by MS News.

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