Women’s Boot Camp 2019 Gives Girls A 2D1N Staycation In SAF Camp For Below $70

Women’s Boot Camp Back For Another Run In Sep 2019

Remember the Women’s Boot Camp in 2018 that allowed girls to have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience National Service (NS)?

It’s now back for another run in 2019.

Females can now experience what NSF’s go through during Basic Military Training (BMT). Here are the things you get to try in the 2-day-1-night ‘staycation’ at Maju Camp.


Woman’s Boot Camp sends ‘recruits’ on a Route March

Whether you are a mother, sister or girlfriend of an NSF, you’ll have heard of your boy mentioning route marches.

In this staycation, you’ll be able to take a leisurely stroll to enjoy the sights and sounds of a SAF camp.


Fortunately, the short route march doesn’t include full army gear. So you won’t have to worry about the blisters your son or boyfriend always complains about.

Standard Obstacle Course aka playground for adults

The Standard Obstacle Course (SOC) is part and parcel of every recruits journey. From the ‘low’ wall to the dreaded rope obstacle, a recruit would have to excel in the course if they wanted to become a sergeant or officer.

Participants in this camp will get to experience a toned-down version of the course with yan dao army boys helping you out.


Think of it as visiting the playground, but with 1 kg helmets on.

Camouflage cream

Constantly battling with acne? This ‘resort’ also provides free facials.


While camo-cream primarily serves a practical purpose, it apparently also helps clear acne.

However, after applying it, you’ll understand why putting on camo is one of the biggest turn-offs during an outfield exercise.

Combat rations tasting

Did we mention that you have a food-tasting session as well?


From delights like black pepper pasta with chicken to chicken glutinous rice, you can have a taste of what NSFs have outfield.

‘Play’ with SAR 21 rifle

If you’re bored, head down to the shooting range. Yes, you heard right, this holiday location has a state-of-the-art ‘firing range’.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the weapons unless you’re licensed to.

Looking for his ORD date

The Women’s Boot Camp allows you to ‘play’ with the SAR 21. We aren’t sure what that means, but who knows, you make take a liking to your son’s ‘wife’ after the experience.

A better appreciation for NS

Hearing tales of NS may not be enough for some women out there. So why not sign (on) up for the camp to get a better understanding of what our Singaporean Sons go through?

Prices start at $59 for PAssion Card holders and $69 for non-PAssion Card holders.


Only a limited number of slots are available. So hurry and sign up if you want this exclusive offer.

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