Viral YEOLO Video Sums Up S’pore’s Biggest 2019 News Like PMD Rules & NUS Molest In Memes

YEOLO Video Is Basically 2019 S’pore News In Memes

2019 has been quite the year of headline-making news in Singapore, from the Preetipls saga to the return of the thick haze.

Wouldn’t it be entertaining to put all those stories together and look back at them fondly?

Content maker YEOLO did just that, compiling the most dramatic stories that made local news over the year so far in a video, which you can watch here:

The video went viral quickly, garnering over 1,300 shares in 5 hours.

Using clips from haunted house tours since it’s “Spooky Szn”, YEOLO aptly captures all the scandals we’ve read about. We pick out the highlights for you.

Haze, NUS molesters & NTU camp cheers

Starting off the video is a snippet representing Singapore’s haze situation last month.

A zombie embodying the haze jumps out from a hole in the wall to scare a group of people.

The people, tagged as “everyone”, are of course all of us who were tangibly shocked by the return of unhealthy PSI readings.


The NUS molest and NTU peeping Tom cases which riled up many Singaporeans also made the cut in a similarly creepy clip.

Two boys representing NUS and NTU enter a brightly lit area and suddenly start running away as the sign “molesters” pops up.


Notice the “molesters” tag’s strategic placement on the hand prints on the wall.

Of course, who can forget the infamous “kukubird” chant by the NTU campers?

A group of horrified girls running away from “non-kukubird” cheers jabs at the students’ choice of camp cheers.


Surely there are other, less obscene options?

PMD speed limit & Sentosa Merlion statue

As many of you may know, the number of PMD-related accidents have been on the rise. So of course, PMDs sped their way into this video too.

A scary clown personifying the speed limit LTA has set for PMDs leaps out to scare helpless, young PMD riders. Poor them, but sometimes a rude shock is what we need to enforce rules.


Even our Singapore’s Merlion was not spared from the video. For those who are unaware, the iconic Merlion statue in Sentosa will be demolished exactly 1 week from now (21 Oct).

What better way to bid the statue goodbye than feature it in this video.

A man labelled as “being demolished” was scaring a group of girls – Sentosa Merlion – possibly how everyone felt when we heard the news.


YEOLO video is Singapore 2019 in summary

Apart from the humour in the video, we’ve got to say that the dramas featured in this video are pretty accurate, and are basically Singapore 2019 in a nutshell. Kudos to YEOLO for his creativity.

If you’ve not been caught up on the trending headlines in Singapore, why not start with watching this video.

But remember to read the articles for more details, so you can get the big picture instead of jumping to conclusions.

Feature images adapted from Facebook.

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