Kid Dashes Across Yishun Carpark & Gets Hit By Car, Delivery Rider Rushes To Help

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Dashing Kid Gets Hit By Vehicle At Yishun Carpark, Passers-By Rush To Help

Children are naturally energetic and playful, which is also the reason why one must keep a close eye on them, especially at high risk areas.

A kid was hit after he dashed across a carpark at Yishun Avenue 11 as a car was turning in. Passers-by immediately rushed in to help the boy.

Yishun CarparkSource

Thankfully, the boy doesn’t appear to be seriously harmed.

Boy Didn’t Notice Oncoming Vehicle At Yishun Carpark

In a video shared on Facebook group SG Road Vigilante, a kid could be seen dashing across a crossing of a carpark along Yishun Avenue 11 as a silver Mitsubishi Attrage was turning in.

It seems that he didn’t notice the vehicle as he was running behind a stationary white car.

Running kidSource

When he saw the Mitsubishi after passing behind another car, it was too late.

Yishun CarparkSource

Screaming could be heard in the background as the car hit him, sending him flipping.

Yishun CarparkSource

Thankfully, the boy doesn’t seem to be seriously injured from the impact, perhaps because the car wasn’t moving at high speed.

Passers-by rush to attend boy

Passers-by, including a food delivery rider and the Mitsubishi driver, rushed to help the boy.

The delivery rider could be seen talking to the boy and checking for injuries.

Delivery riderSource

Another man in a tank top, who may be related to the boy, went to grab him. However, it is unconfirmed if he is the child’s father.


Look out for the kids

Children being children, they are energetic and playful. However, many may also be unsure of various road safety precautions.

Therefore, parents must make sure that they are supervised at all times when crossing roads, especially if they are not controlled by traffic lights.

We hope the child is safe and will be more careful when crossing roads.

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