Yonex Warehouse Sale Has Up To 80% Off Badminton Racquets & Shuttles From 31 May At Marymount

Yonex Warehouse Sale Will Run From 31 May To 2 Jun At Marymount

This Yonex Warehouse Sale is a biannual gathering of sorts for avid badminton fans in Singapore.

If you missed the previous Yonex sale last December, here’s something that will likely cheer you up!

From 31 May to 2 Jun, Yonex will be having a massive warehouse sale at Marymount where badminton racquets, shoes and shuttlecocks are going for up to 80% off their original prices.

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Here are some of the items that we hope to see at the sale.

Smashing low prices on badminton racquets

Badminton players who fancy playing singles will hope to see the Astrox 99 racquet available at a discounted price.


Used by Kento Momota, the current world number 1 in the men’s single category, this racquet helps players achieve steep attacking smashes.


Others who prefer playing doubles can opt for either the Astrox 88S or Astrox 88D racquets which were available for $180 during the previous Yonex sale last December.


Ladies looking for a lighter racquet can consider getting the Voltric Flashboost (FB) racquet — which is available in the 5U weight category.


The Voltric Flashboost was previously available for $120.

Otherwise, if you’re just looking for a cheap racquet without having to break the bank, the GR 201 and GR 301 racquets were available for just $5.90 at last year’s sale.


Here’s the full list of prices from last December’s sale.

Do note that these prices are from December 2018’s sale

Shoes to prevent getting injured

As enjoyable a sport as badminton can be, injuries are pretty common, especially if you are not wearing the right footwear.


You’ll be able to get non-marking shoes starting from just $30, at the sale, if last year’s edition is anything to go by.

Do note that these prices are from December 2018’s sale

Cheap shuttles so you don’t break the bank

No game of badminton will be possible without shuttlecocks.

Don’t worry, the folks behind the sale clearly have that figured out, because shuttlecocks will also be available at the sale too.

Do note that this price is from December 2018’s sale

These tubes of Aeroclear 30 shuttles were going for $75 for 3 tubes last year.

Special deals for students

Students are also advised to bring along their student identification cards, as they will be exclusive racquets deals just for them.

We aren’t sure what these deals are, but we’re sure it will be worth waking up early and camping at the site of the sale.

Jio your badminton kakis down

If you’re already planning a trip down to the Yonex Warehouse Sale with your badminton kakis, here’s how to get there.

Location: Sunrise & Co Pte. Ltd
Address: 38 Jalan Pemimipin, Singapore 577181
Date: 31 May to 2 Jun 2019
Opening hours: 10am-7pm

With such generous discounts available, we expect there to be some pretty insane queues at the sale.

So better get down early so you can snag some good lobangs!

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