Elderly Uncle Gets Into Accident Along Deserted M’sia Road, Youths Escort Him To Police Station

Youths Come Across Injured Uncle At 5am & Bring Him To A Police Station

Wet roads are not the safest for motorcyclists, especially those who aren’t at the peak of their health.

One uncle in Malaysia recently suffered injuries during his early morning commute on some slippery tarmac.

Thankfully, a group of youths came along and brought him to safety.

One of the individuals documented the uncle’s plight on TikTok.

@syakirbelon4.0ALLAHHU uncel 😭😭😭♬ Ayah – Seventeen

As it turns out, the elderly man had been on his way to visit his child but had since forgotten where he was.

Uncle believed to have gotten into an accident

The OP posted the video of the uncle on 8 Sep, sharing that he and his friends came across the elderly man at around 5am.

The youths had found him alone, seated by the road and shivering from the cold.

Source: @syakirbelon4.0 on TikTok

It appeared that he had sustained some injuries to his elbows following an accident.

Upon speaking to the uncle, they figured that he showed signs of forgetfulness.

The OP noted that the uncle thought it was the afternoon, even though the sky was clearly dark.

He shared that he had been on the way to visit his child around the area heading towards Istana Negara.

Source: @syakirbelon4.0 on TikTok

Youths escort uncle to safety

The worried youths then tried to convince the uncle to let them bring him to the nearest police station.

He refused at first, stating that he didn’t want to cause them any trouble despite not even having a working phone with him.

Source: @syakirbelon4.0 on TikTok

However, the group stuck with the uncle and even checked his motorcycle — which they found was missing its brakes.

The youths eventually persuaded him to get into their car, with one person stepping up to ride the uncle’s motorcycle.

Source: @syakirbelon4.0 on TikTok

Together, they escorted him to the police station.

Kudos to the youths for stopping their journey to help the injured uncle.

Hopefully, he will make a full recovery and be reunited with his family soon.

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Featured image adapted from @syakirbelon4.0 on TikTok.

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